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1.92/ 5 - based on 3 reviews

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Pani Leni Puli Raju is a Telugu movie directed by Cha Cha. Starring Dhanraj, Prachi Sinha, Shweta Varma, Kondavalasa, Raghu Babu. Release date of this film is 15 July, 2016

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  • (2/5)

    On the whole, Pani Leni Puli Raju one of the most silliest movies that has come out in the recent past. Right from the word go, this film irritates you with some over the top scenes and some outdated narration. Stay away from this one.

  • (1.25/5)

    he film is basically an attempt to make adult comedy. It is targetted at B & C center audience. Lackluster story and inconsistent screenplay makes it terrible watch. First half appeals with timepass comedy. Second half irritates with pointless scene

  • (2.5/5)

    Late Comedian-actor Kondavalasa has entertained the audience. Dhanraj’s adult comedy will work in B and C centers only. Director confused the audience in the second half.

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Panileni Puliraju Movie Trailer HD - Dhanraj, Swetha Varma

Panileni Puliraju Movie Trailer HD - Dhanraj, Swetha Varma
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