Nirmala Convent

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2.63/ 5 - based on 4 reviews

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Genre : Drama, Romance

Two family has been on war for a piece of land however two teenagers in both of the family fall for each other. What Happens next is rest of the story

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  • (3/5)

    On the whole, Nirmala Convent is a perfect launch pad for Roshan Srikanth. The young hero shines in his role and surely has a rocking future ahead. The film also has some very decent moments throughout and moves at a simple and decent pace. If you ig

  • (2/5)

    All in all, Nirmala Convent will end as a debut that misfires badly. The first half is tad too slow and the second half is just OK. Though both Roshan and Shriya Sharma are likeable in their roles, there are no bright moments in the film to garner bi

  • (3/5)

    Director Naga Koteswara Rao has come up with an impressive youthful story and introduced two young actors Roshan and Shriya in Tollywood. But the director has chosen the same old story which has a predictable story line. While coming to the lead acto

  • (2.5/5)

    Nirmala Convent' falters with outdated script and old style of narration despite Nagarjuna trying to salvage it with his presence in the second half. Srikanth's son Roshan is confident as hero, cute heroine and few scenes post interval are appealing

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Nirmala Convent Movie Trailer HD - Nagarjuna, Roshan Salur, Shriya Sharma

Nirmala Convent Movie Trailer HD - Nagarjuna, Roshan Salur, Shriya Sharma
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