Guppedantha Prema

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2/ 5 - based on 3 reviews

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Guppedantha Prema is a Telugu movie directed by Vinod lingala. Starring Sai Ronak, Aditi Singh, Noel Sean, Shradda Pancholie. Release date of this film is 17 June, 2016

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  • (2.5/5)

    Every Friday, filmmakers come up with different love stories hoping that they’ll manage to impress the audience. Released with a promise to showcase the innocence and beautiful emotions of first love, Guppedantha Prema, even though had a decent pre

  • (2/5)

    The film is at least watchable when the hero looks serious. When he is behaving like a Jr Hrithik Roshan, it's not. The debutante does a fair enough job in serious scenes. As for Aditi Singh, she is too baby-faced to convey certain emotions. Nave

  • (1.5/5)

    Each Friday, we see more film makers with more movies. Each love story is different and each one is unique. The movie fails due to execution. There is no engaging screenplay and audience will definitely be disappointed. The script also had lots of lo

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Guppedantha Prema Movie Trailer HD Sai Ronak, Aditi Singh

Guppedantha Prema Movie Trailer HD Sai Ronak, Aditi Singh
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