Underworld: Blood Wars

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Latest in the Underworld series Selene (Kate Beckinsale) faces severe attack from both Lycan clan as well as Vampire Faction. The only ally that she can trust now is David (Theo James) and his father Thomas (Charles Dance). However she decided to end the Lycan Vampire war once and for all. But for that she has to make an ultimate sacrifice.

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Underworld: Blood Wars Critic Reviews

  • Timesofindia.indiatimes.com (2/5)

    All of this doesn’t distract from the painfully apparent lack of interest written on the face of the lead star Kate Beckinsale - she's not even the most interesting character in a series built around her, and it's obvious she's simply going through

  • Behindwoods.com (2/5)

    Suseenthiran has added all the necessary elements to meet the needs of a common moviegoer; let it be love, friendship, family sentiments or romance. The narration is strongly supported by D Imman‘s soulful music, and it helped Suseenthiran to make

  • Indianexpress.com (1.5/5)

    So, hang on, you're probably wondering what I meant when I said this was also enjoyable. There's a point where you suspend all belief and hope that this movie will get better and you wait for the inevitable end. It's at this point that the sheer spec

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Underworld: Blood Wars Tamil Dub Trailer

Underworld: Blood Wars Tamil Dub Trailer
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