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Crime thrillers always have an added attraction. The audience love the challenge of identifying the killer. Debutant Guhan Senniappan\'s \'Sawaari\' is one such film with an assurance of an edge of the seat thriller.\' These are the days of fast paced life. The audience prefer to watch racy thrillers and \'Sawaari\' will be a perfect watch for the audience who prefer challenges in identifying the killer.We are introducing a new genre called Road thriller and i am sure this will be liked by the audience\' says the director Guhan Senniappan.

\' The Title \"SAWAARI\" captured my attention as the designs in the on line media were something very fresh & energetic.I found a new flavour in it. t was just a co incidence that i was called for the movie screening by a close associate of mine. Right from the first shot of the movie i was completely engaged in Sawaari ride and the Interval Block was at its peak which further raised my anxiety to watch the second half.When i met the cast & crew i realized the intensity of the movie was born only within them selves. I strongly believe audience will always support this type of content. I believe this movie is one of its kind and will be a trendsetter as it is a completely fresh genre. Directed by Guhan Senniappan \'Sawaari\'s camera is handled by the Paradesi Fame \"Chezhiyan\" and edited by KISHORE T.E(late) and music composed by Jil Jung Juk fame \"VISHAL CHANDRASEKAR\".

My appreciation for the concept and making inspired me to float this company Entertainment Brothers with the sole intention of buying , distributing and producing films of quality and content. Sawaari will be released shortly and we have scheduled a publicity campaign that will go a long way in enhancing a smooth ride for \'Sawaari\' concluded the spokes person of Entertainment brothers.

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Aawaari Tamil Movie Teaser - Guhan Senniappan

Aawaari Tamil Movie Teaser - Guhan Senniappan

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