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Genre : Drama, Family, Romance

Praveen (Bhagath Manuel) is working as a waiter as well as room boy in a hotel. He has a habit of peeping into keyholes of hotel guests. Through this he finds himself in a kind of enjoyment. There was a model girl who regularly books room and only thing that can be heard from her room after she get in are laughs and other noises. So kind of curiosity builds inside PRaveen he as usual peeps into her room and unfortunately to his horror what he saw was a murder. He saw a man strangling the model girl and doing what he can to make this murder a suicide. When police arrives next morning they also reach into the conclusion that it is a suicide. Praveen panics as he could not tell the truth as if he reveals it question will arise regarding his character because he might have to explain the peeping thins that he usually does. What happens next is rest of the story.

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