Out of Range

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3.25/ 5 - based on 1 review

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Genre : Comedy, Drama

Jerin, at the crossroads of his stagnant love life, Subru, fed up with mom\'s argumentative nature, Sanjay, all against his reckless job schedule, Aashiq, annoyed with unending family obligations. On a decisive night, the four friends took an unusual oath, to quit using their mobile phones forever.

From the next daybreak, the world around them turns upside down. Sacking, break-up, and resentment follows. After the initial chaos, they seem to enjoy the peace, ease and all the joys, their strange promise realized for them.

But that was just the beginning of another story. A steely resolve for more adventure, more determination, more drama, more blows. Will they even live to tell the tale?

Out of Range Critic Reviews

  • Mollywoodtimes.com (3.25/5)

    Out of Range have the potential to become silent hit of the season and will work well with young viewers.

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Out Of Range Movie Trailer

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