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3.5 out of 5 3.5 out of 5 3.5 out of 5 3.5 out of 5 3.5 out of 5 Rating: 3.5 out of 5 - Reviewed by FilmiLive - 13 May, 2016

What’s the basic purpose of a movie? The question can be answered with an obvious one, entertainment. Mudhugauv serves that purpose very well. The word Mudhugauv itself is so much dear to all the Keralites. This famous dialogue from the movie Thenmavin Kombath would be uttered as long as there is Malayalam. By choosing a clever title like this the makers managed to intrigued people a lot. Coming back to the story of the movie, it has close link to kissing. So what better way to name it than Mudhugauv. As Mudhugauv is made by a rookie and most of the actors are rookie’s expectation was not that high. That would be the exact reason why Mudhugauv will be a surprise for you. The movie even though can’t be named as excellent it has got all the ingredients in the right amount to make you laugh loud and to keep you engaged throughout the movie.

Bharath (Gokul Suresh) from his childhood have a habit of kissing his mom whenever he goes through any stressful situation. The main plot is the difficulties that Bharath has to face due to this habit. Ganga ( Arthana) plays the role of Bharath’s love interest in the movie.

Gokul Suresh is a promising actor and it can be seen evidently in Mudhugauv. Even though his dialogue delivery was a bit flawed his acting won’t gave a feel that he is a rookie. Arthana is the daughter of actor Vjayakumar. She has done her part well. Madhugauv is not her first movie. She has acted in couple of Telugu movies before. Ramakrishnan Bonakkad aka Ramo (Vijay Babu), Shetty (Sunil Sukadha), Puthari Harish K R ), Soubin Shahir has done an excellent work in this movie. These 4 people is one of the main reasons for the laughing riots in the theaters.

Songs are already a hit. And the beautiful cinematography made it much more beautiful. Rahul Raj is the music director of this movie. BGM was also good and perfect for the scenes.

Brilliant cinematography by Kugan S. Palani. Audio section and editing of the movie was excellent.

A simple movie which is guaranteed to make you laugh. Lots of freshness makes Madhugauv worth watching.

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