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4 out of 5 4 out of 5 4 out of 5 4 out of 5 4 out of 5 Rating: 4 out of 5 - Reviewed by FilmiLive - 22 April, 2016

Leela after facing so much hurdles in its path has finally hit the theaters today. As everybody knows the script of Leela has been developed from the short story written by unni R. The short story back then was controversial as well as the talk of the town. The main reason for this is because of the subject which the story handled. The novel walks a reader through the sexual fantasies of Kuttiyappan the central character. However the most astounding thing of the story is the humor it has. Ranjith has to be appreciated as he has managed to bring that to the movie. The daring thing about Leela is that it is a walk on the razors edge. Even though Leela has humor in it there are some scenes which is not meant for the kind hearted. The movie has managed to create a perfect satire about fake moralist thoughts as well as ill doings of religions in the name of god. Kuttiyappan is an embodiment of sexual fantasies as well as frustration that is the root of many evil nowadays. Once again by choosing a subject like this Ranjith has proved that why he is the best in Mollywod.


The movie is about a sexual fantasy that has been tormenting Kuttiyappan for a long time. The movie is about the nature of such disturbed men and how far they will to get what they want.


Biju Menon (Kuttiyapan) has done a brilliant job. If you are kind of person who enjoyed his acting in Vellimoonga you will definitely like his acting in Leela. Parvathy Nambiyar (Leela) has to be appreciated for her boldness and her optimistic approach towards a subject like this. Her instinct of choosing Leela will do well for her in the days to come. Another important actor that has to be mentioned is Vijayaraghvan (Pillechan). He has done a character which he has never done in his entire life. Indranse (Dasapi) and Jagadish also did their part well.


As usual the one among the two busiest music director in Mollywood, Bijibal is the music director of this movie. Songs that Biju Menon has sung for the movie has already become a success. He had done a pretty decent job in Leela too.


Brilliant cinematography, Audio design as well as mixing. Editing was exceptional. All together yet another technically sound movie in Malayalam.


Leela has a big surprise installed for you. Not a kind of movie that you can leave in the theater and go back home. An excellent movie that is meant for all those who see movies in a serious way and in an entertainment aspect.

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