Karinkunnam Sixes

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3.33/ 5 - based on 2 reviews

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Genre : Drama, Sport

Vandana (Manju Warier) and Aby (Anoop Menon) are outstanding volleyball players and are a couple. Now a volleyball coach, Aby has started the most famous volleyball team named Karinkunnam Sixes. Due to an accident, Aby cannot play any more and this changes his life forever. His best players leave the team and join another team called Warriors, owned by Kuriachen. Upon seeing her husband so disheartened, Vandana sets off to fulfil his greatest wish.She arrives at the Central Jail as suggested by her close friend with the sole aim of putting together an efficient team of players. Hemalatha promised her that there are talented players in the jail and Vandana should just give them good coaching. Trained under Vandana, The Karinkunnam Sixes team including these new members get ready to participate in the Premiere League. The resulting intriguing events are plotted in Karinkunnam Sixes.

Karinkunnam Sixes Critic Reviews

  • Filmibeat.com (3/5)

    One of the best inspirational movies of recent times. Worth a watch

  • Onlookersmedia.in (3.65/5)

    Karinkunnam Sixes is one of the finest sport based movie ever made in Mollywood. It will make you thrill and inspire at the same time. The spirit a game can bring to your soul is well portrayed by this movie. It is an emotionally appealing, well craf

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Karinkunnam 6s Trailer

Karinkunnam 6s Trailer

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Karinkunnam 6s Audio Songs Jukebox

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Medapoompattum Chutti Song Video From Karinkunnam 6s

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