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This is the story of a garage called, Janatha Garage which was started by Mr. Mohan Lal in the 1980s. Gradually, in 25 years, the garage grows in its stature to represent people in need and against anything that is evil to the society. The hero, Mr. NTR, is an environmental studies student in Mumbai, who fights for a greener planet. Due to one of his projects, he happens to come to Hyderabad.

Meanwhile, Mr. Lal grows into a larger than life figure who has an impact on the whole state. Due to an unforeseen situation caused by a businessman who wants to get rid of Janatha Garage, he meets with an accident which will hamper the actions of the garage.

The rest of the story revolves around how the hero upon knowing about the past, associates himself with the garage. This helps him to defeat all the evil elements in the society.

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  • Filmibeat.com (3/5)

    It is a fact that no dubbed film can recreate the charm of its original version. It is the same with the Malayalam version of Janatha Garage. The real essence of the movie is surely missing in the highly artificial dialogues and poor dubbing.

  • Nowrunning.com (2.5/5)

    Janatha Garage is an honest story which could have been executed better. The movie has its good moments here and there but the experience as a whole happens to be patchy for fans and common audience. But then, you can try it for some intense performa

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Janatha Garage Malayalam Movie Teaser

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