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3.83/ 5 - based on 2 reviews

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Genre : Drama

Jalam is about a widowed mother struggling to raise her child in the city alone. After losing her husband in an accident, the widow must face many challenges with her child in the city, for a piece of land to live.

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Jalam Critic Reviews

  • Onlookersmedia.in (3.65/5)

    The story of the film revolves around two couples who gets a land area from government. It is given to them as a part of Pattayam issued by the ruling government near Aluva.

  • Cinemalive.in (4/5)

    Neat cinematography by Vinod Illampally and backed by sharp edits from Ranjan Abraham. Ouseppachan did his part on the music and BGM side as per the demands of the theme but more than the music, its the lyrics that stood out with some powerful lines

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Jalam Official Trailer

Pakal Pathichari Song ( Jalam)

Pakal Pathichari Song ( Jalam)

Koodu Vaykkan Song (jalam)

Koodu Vaykkan Song (jalam)

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