Ithinumappuram Malayalam Movie
Rukmini (Meera Jasmine) is a girl from a rich family and her family tries to get her married. But they couldn't because of her horoscope problems. Finally her marriage is fixed and at the day of her marriage she runs away with Karthikeyan (Riyaz Khan) who is poor and a dependent of the family.

Karthikeyan loved her because of the immense wealth that she posses. But her family discards her because of the insult that she caused to the family by running away with Karthikeyan. This shatters Karthikeyan's plan and he starts torturing Rukmini out of frustration. Karthikeyan discards Rukmini and fall for another girl Devu. Who works along with him in a coir factory.

When Karthikeya left her all alone she was pregnant with his 3rd son and the thorns in her life path is rest of the story.

Siddique, Lalu Alex, Tony, Vijayakumar, Kalasala Babu, Narayanankkutty, Sona Nair, Kulappulli Leela, Meena Ganesh is also present in this movie.
Manoj Alunkal is the director of the movie and this movie in the banner of Agna Media. Manoj Alunkal is the director of this movie.

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