Worst Malayalam Movies of 2016 that you need to dodge

Thursday, 8 December,2016

Worst Malayalam Movies of 2016 that you need to dodge

Malayalam movie industry has been blessed with lot of good ones in 2016. Movies like jalam, maheshinte Prathikaaram, Darvinte Parinamam, Kali, Kammatipaadam, Ozhivudivasathe Kali, Vismayam, Perariyathavar, Pinneyum, Oozham, Aanandam, Kattappanayile Rithwik Roshan etc..bagged good response becaue they were able to relate as well as communicate with the common man. One of the biggest surprise of 2016 was Pulimurugan. Pulimurugan became the first movie to enter 100 Cr club from Malayalam thus making Mohanlal the first actor too. Pulimurugan's success was indeed a booster for producers who were reluctant to invest much in a Malayalam movie. However the most alarming fact is that there were only handful of hits and 90% of the movie that got released previous were disastrous. and 5% were average in terms of collection. The list here are the popular movies that failed miserably and has to be avoided if you ever come across it.


The only good thing about Style was Tovino and his killer looks. A poorly written script and bad actors were the main reason for the substandard out put of this movie. Unni Mukundan is one of the most unluckiest stars in Malayalam. His poor selection and bad luck are resulting in him being part of movies like Style. Only thing that has to be appreciated about Unni Mukundan in Style is his action. Stunt that Unni Mukundan has done for Style is exceptional and has to be appreciated. Directed by Binu S Style was released on January 2. Besides Tovino and Unni Style had Priyanka Kandwal, Balu Varghese, Master Ilhan, Vijayaraghavan  etc. in lead role.

Monsoon Mangoes

Monsoon Mangoes was the biggest disappointment of 2016.  Abi Varghese was the one who made people watch TV serial episodes multiple times. Akkara Kazhchakal TV serial directed by him was indeed brilliant and one of  a kind. So obviously people will expect much from a director of his caliber. Also the short films that he has done bagged great response among public. The trailer review of Monsoon Mangoes from people abroad went viral in YouTube as it was excellent. So this factors has created an over expectation about the movie. What went wrong about Monsoon Mangoes is that the movie had a mediocre script. The plot, story making as well as the art work of the movie was excellent however the script was rubbish and made the movie sink. Fahadh was in the lead role of Monsoon Mangoes.

Ithu Thanda Police

Previously named as Driver On Duty the movie had Asif Ali, Abhirami and Jnani Iyer in lead role. The movie was not even talked much after the release, the huge delay in the release of Ithu Thanda Police is to blame. However the movie is substandard and have not thing to talk about. A feeble story and more feeble script maked Ithu Thanda Police a tideous watch. Online review website has devoured this movie with negative reviews soon after release. Directed by Manoj Palodan and written by Manoj - Renjith the movie has failed miserably in box office.


"White is abysmal. It is boring, dull, vacuous, vapid and worse, pretentious"  This were the exact words of Firstpost reviewer Anna MM Vetticad. Which actually sums up the entire movie in a nutshell. It was indeed sad and unfortunate that one of the best actor in India has again been a part of a sub par movie. All the reviews criticized the bad writing of White. What Malayalam cinema lacks at present is not technicians, actors or concept it is good script writers what Malayalam cinema need desperately. The only good thing about white was the brilliant cinematography by Amarjeet Singh and some scenes of Mammootty. HUma Qureshi the Bollywood star is the female lead of white and she has not done any justice to her part relative to the talent that she has. Uday Ananthan is the director of the movie.

Welcome To Central Jail

Dileep recently is being constantly mocked for the wrong choices and cheap comedy that he does in his movies. The movies that he has been doing has nothing in it comparing with the movies that earned him the title Janapriya Nayakan. Even though Welcome To Central Jail was not a loss in terms of collection it was much less comparing with his usual collection of movies. Welcome to Central Jail was so unbearable that one of the reviewers said in his review that he don't want to dive in much to this junkyard of a movie. Directed by Sunder Das who directed Dileep's first movie Sallapam Welcome To Central Jail was indeed a let down. Benny P Nayarambalam is the writer of this movie.


Aadupuliyattam's success is an ample example of how hype can push people to the theater despite of having an absurd story. kannan Thamarakkulam who has earlier directed the disastrous movie Thinkal Muthal velli Vare might have been flabbergasted to the success of Aadupuliyattam. With a cliche horror story and poor execution Aadupuliyattam is indeed one of the worst in 2016. talented actor Om Puri and Ramya Krishnan is there in this movie in pivotal roles. Fat paychecks might be only reason they have nod their head to a movie like this. jayaram is the male lead of the movie.

Kavi Uddheshichathu..?

Kavi Uddheshichathu was made with utter laziness and over confidence. There was not even a single scene in Kavi Uddheshichathu..? that will make you feel worth the money you spend for this movie. it was sad rather disappointment that maker of the brilliant short film Ramani Chechiyude Namathil failed miserably when he made his first movie. Kavi Uddheshichathu..?'s story had lot of potential for it to be success. But the movie traveled like in a straight line and made it tedious to watch. Asif Ali and Biju Menon are in the lead role of this movie.

IDI - (Inspector Dawood Ibrahim)

IDI was indeed fun upto the first half. Jayasurya has done his role well and the funny moments in the movie had were good. However from the second half movie went on like a loose canon. The movie changed from good to absolutely ridiculous. Directed by Sajid Yahiya IDI has a promising cast and the first half of the movie is absolutely hilarious and fun to watch.

Angane Thanne Nethave Anjettennam Pinnale

What usually goes wrong with Malayalam cinema is the villain in Angane Thanne Nethave Anjettennam Pinnale too. The movie had an interesting story and plot but bad execution made it a night mare to watch. Narain is trying as much as he can re-invent himself in Malayalam cinema. Even though his efforts are genuine the movie that he is choosing makes it hard for him. Directed by Ajith Poojappura Angane Thanne Nethave Anjettennam Pinnale  has narain, Meera Nandan, Muukesh, Mammukoya, janardhanan, Thesni Khan, Nelson, Ramesh Pisharody, Dharmajan etc. in lead role.


Girls is a bilingual movie which has failed miserably in both the languages. Thulasidas has contributed a lot of the comedy movies in Malayalam movie history. None would have expected such a worse movie from him. The only good thing about Girls was that it had women as central characters. Nadhiya, Iniya as Sophia, Eden, Aarthi, Archana Susheelan, Subiksha, Reshma Pasupuleti are in lead roles.

This list is  from the movie which were popular among public. There are ton of bad movies which are not listed in this list due to their unpopularity.

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