When Mammootty and Mohanlal clashed at box office recently

Thursday, 22 December,2016

When Mammootty and Mohanlal clashed at box office recently

Mammootty and Mohanlal have been in Mollywood movie industry for decades. They have always been a pillar of Malayalam movie industry since the golden era of Malayalam movie industry when talents and geniuses were plenty.  There was time when larger than life hero concept oreiented movies were in plenty in Malayalam movie industry. Both of them utilised that time in a clever way and became the kings of Malayalam movie industry. As their stardom started to grow love towards them by their fans became a kind of obsession and pride which they were willing to protect at any cost. This resulted in the fan fights between Mammootty and Mohanlal despite of the actors real life friendship. Both Mammootty and Mohanlal fans were in deul when there was a simultaneous release of movie of both the stars. Latest was in 2016 Mohanlal's Pulimurugan and Mammootty's Thoppil Joppan confronted each other in which Pulimurugan was victorious for obvious reasons. This list here contans movies of Mammootty and Mohanlal that were released close to each other or even on same date and who became victorious.

Kaazhcha VS Naturaajavu (2004)

Kaazhcha was a realistic heart touching movie in which Mammootty performed brilliantly. The movie marked the beginning of Blessy as a independent director. On the other hand Natturajavu directed by Shaji Kalias was a masala flick which managed to earn good collection initially. Result of both the movie was obvious that Kaazhcha emerged victorious and was deserving it in every aspects. The movie even won 5 Kerala state film awards which includes best actor and best movie category.  Mean while Mohanlal's Naatturajavu failed at the box office as days passed by. The reason behind Natturajavu's failure was due to the hals backed formulae based script and a mediocre story.

Bhargavacharitam Moonam Khandam VS Mahasamudram (2006)

Both Bhargavacharitam Moonam Khandam and mahasamudram were Onam release. Despite of the favorable situation both the movies were dud among these two Bhargavacharitam Moonam Khandam was the worst and is considered as one of the biggest mistakes in Mammootty's career. Mahasamudram was a football based movie which was packed with melodrama which made people bored rather than being moved by it. Above all that biggest blow for both the movies came with the name Classmates. The movie became a sensation and in that storm both Bhargavacharitam Moonam Khandam and Mahasamudram were washed away.

Pothan Vava VS Photographer (2006)

Photographer and Pothan Vava were two movies which were way different in terms of their story, treatment was well as direction. Photographer was a slow paced beautiful movie based on the true inhumane Muthanga incident. Mean while Pothan Vava was a complete commercial movie. However both the movies were dud one for it's slow pace and other for its ridiculous story and mediocre script. Photographer was directed by Ranjan Pramod mean while Pothan Vava was directed by Joshiy.

Mission 90 Days VS Hallo (2007)

It was unfortunate that a good movie like Mission 90 days had to face failure. The plot of the movie was about the investigation after the Rajiv Gandhi attack. The movie was brilliant and was thrilling. However audience was not into this serious movie. Hallo which had Mohanlal in lead role was a comedy entertainer which served its purpose well. The movie created laughing riot in theaters and became a super hit. Raffi - Mecartin were the directors of the movie. Mission 90 Days was directed by Major Ravi. Among these two movies Hallo was the super hit and became one of the biggest hit in Mohanlal's career.

Big B VS Chotta Mumbai (2007)

Big B and Chotta Mumbai both the movies were good. However Chotta Mumbai was a movie that had all the ingredient to make it look delicious to all the age groups of people. Mean While Big B was first of its kind in Malayalam movie industry. There was a initial reluctance from people towards Big B however after years the movie became a cult and as it was made in a Hollywood fashion and marked the era of stylish movies. Mammootty looked stylish than ever in Big B. Be it Cinematography, Dialogue presentation or any aspects of movie Big B was fresh and became a cult as time passed by. Chotta Mumbai's comedy on the other hand was intense and was more than enough to make one's stomach pain with laugh. Thus Chotta Mumbai was the most successful that time.

Annan Thambi VS Innathe Chintha Vishayam (2008)

Both the movies were made for the family audiences in which both of them were successful. Annan Thambi was directed by Anwar Rasheed mean while Innathe Chintha Vishayam was directed by Sathyan Anthikkad. However Annan Thambi has comedy throughout mean while Innathe Chintha Vishayam even though had a relevant story failed to amuse vast majority of people because of its mediocre comedy. Thus Annan Thambi became victorious and became a super hit.

Parunthu VS Madambi (2008)

It was indeed strange that both the lead characters of the movie were money lenders who were hated by a lot of people for their stingy character. However among Madambi and Parunthu Mohanlal's Madambi emerged victorious because of the touching story. parunthu was directed by M Padmakumar and Madambi was directed by B Unnikrishnan.

Pazhassi Raja VS Angel John (2009)

Angel John was no were near the league of Pazhassi Raja. Pazhassi Raja was one of the costliest movie in Malayalam movie history and was a epic one made on the life of brave warrior PazhassiRaja. Mammootty was in the lead role and is indeed one of the best in his career. The movie  was directed by Hariharan and was rich in ever aspects. Meanwhile Angel John was one of the worst in Mohanlal's career and some blamed the movie for copying the theme of a famous Hollywood movie. Angel John failed at box office mean while Pazhassi Raja broke collection records that time.

Pranchiyettan And The Saint VS Shikkar (2010)

There is only word to define the movie Pranchiyettan And The Saint that is Brilliant. The movie was made as a sarcastic approach for mocking people who use money to get fame. Mammootty's role as Pranchiyettan aka Ari Pranchi was an ample example of perfection. Due to the hilarious story and good message at the end the movie became an instant succeeds. Shikkar was a good thriller movie directed by M Padmakumar. The movie had a gripping story and was a hit. However comparing both the movies Pranchiyettan And The Saint was the winner.

Best Actor VS Kandahar (2010)

Best Actor was the debut movie of ABCD movie director Martin Prakkat. The movie was about the struggle of a middle aged man who was passionate about acting. Mean while Kandahar was a military based movie which failed miserably in box office. The expectation regarding Kandahar was so high due to the star cast which included Amitabh Bachchan and the past reputaton of director Major Ravi but the movie didn't meet up with it. Major Ravi was the director of Kandahar.

Peruchazhi VS Rajadhi Raja (2014)

Both the movies handled two entirely different subjects. Rajadhi Raja unfortunately turned out to be one of the worst don movie made in Malayalam. Peruchazhi on the other hand was full on comedy. Even at the start of the movie it was clearly written that do not search for logic in peruchazhi as it was made just for comedy. Those who understood that enjoyed the movie with all their heart. However there were a alot of people who were not pleased with the movie.  Peruchazi despite of the mixed reports emerged as successful. On the other hand Rajadhi Raja was a disaster.

Utopiayile Rajavu VS Loham (2015)

Loham was the biggest disappointment among these two movies as it was directed by Ranjith and failed to impress people. However the movie has managed to earn good initial collection. Meanwhile Utopiyayile Rajavu sank to the bottom without any trace. kamal was the director of the movie.

Pulimurugan VS Thoppil Joppan (2016)

It would not exceed if one say that Pulimurugan devoured Thoppil Joppan completely. Pulimurugan is the costliest movie ever made in Malayalam history and managed to enter into 150 crore club for the first time in Malayalam movie history. Vysakh is the director of the movie. Mean while Thoppil Joppan was average in terms of comedy as well as subject and as a result its collection was also average. Johny Antony is the director of Thoppil Joppan.

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