Top 10 Kickass dons of Malayalam Movies

Friday, 9 December,2016

Top 10 Kickass dons of Malayalam Movies

When you hear the word don only one movie will come to our mind that is God Father. Even though none has been able to reach up to the perfection of the central character and story of the movie. There were infinite number of don movies across the world in different movie industry after The Godfather.

Coming to Malayalam movie industry there are a lot of don movies which gave us goosebumps. Major share of that will go to Mohanlal and Mammmotty, the pillars of Malayalam movie industry for decades. Both of them has gave life to some bad ass don roles in Mollywood. Second in the list will be Suresh Gopi. He has given another shade and color to police roles as well as don roles in Mollywood.

This list here are the top 10 among the don movies that has been released till now.

Rajavinte Makan(1986)

Rajavinte Makan marked the beginning of Mohanlal as a super star. Thanks to this bad ass don Mohalal's stardom sky rocketed beyond anybodies wildest dreams. The plot of Rajavinte Makan is like this, Krishnadas (Ratheesh) with the help of Underworld Don Vincent Gomas (Mohanlal) rose to power. Soon Krishnadas came to a situation where he has to cheat Vincent Gomas in order to vanish all that suspicions and allegations on him regarding his association with a don. Krishnadad tries to destroy Vincent but Vincent despite of being cheated tries to hit back and tries to end everything once and for all. Ambika is the female lead of this movie. What made this movie such a super hit was the talented actors and a well built script and story. Thampi Kannanthanam is the director of Rajavinte Makan.

Irupatham Noottandu (1987)

 Sagar Alias Jacky the cunning don is dangerous and unpredictable that makes him a nightmare. There is a scene in which  Sagar Alias Jacky confronts a journalist who wrote against him. The way the scene has been shot was brilliant and it is indeed one of the best scene in the movie. Plot of Irupatham Noottandu is about how friendship turns to rivalry. Mohanlal is in the lead role of the movie and Suresh Gopi plays the role of antagonist. K Madhu is the director of Irupatham Noottandu. There was a sequel for Irupatham Noottandu directed by Amal neerad. The movie was completely different from its predecessor.

Samrajyam (1990)

Samrajyam without any doubt is the best don movie in Mammootty's career. His role as the underworld don Alexander was perfect and his stylish looks and that badass beard was a trend back then. Mammotty essayed the role of Alexander, a respected don. Jomon is the director of the movie. After 2 and a half decades a sequel of the movie Samrajyam was released but unfortunately the movie was a huge failure.

Abhimanyu (1991)

Abhimanyu is indeed one of the most realistic don movies India has seen. The story of Abhimanyu is about Harikrishnan a commonman who is living in Mumbai. His life turns upside down when he becomes a witness for a murder. There is a electrifying scene in the movie where injured Harikrishnan comes to fight when challeneged thus gaining the trust and respect of people. Soon Hrikrishnan becomes a don and becomes well known as Hari Anna. The movie ends in a tragedy and people still have an opinion that it could have been avoided. Mohanlal plays the role of Harikrishnan in the movie. Priyadarshan is the director of Abhimanyu.

Aryan (1988)

Aryan is not just a don movie. It also shows the dark truth about a point of time where being an upper caste was hard for those who are unfortunate. Devanarayanan (Mohanlal) the lead actor of the movie is from a family where they have lived in prosperity and is in ruin now. His family does not even have enough money to buy their daily bread. Out of frstratuion and insult and teachery by some he leaves his home and reaches Mumbai. Mumbai embraced him and made him a don. His return to his homeland after year was for seeking revenge. Again a masterpiece from Priyadarshan. The movie has again Mohanlal in lead.

Athirathram (1984)

Tharadas was indeed one of the famous don character in Malayalam cinema. The cunning Tharadas's is clever ways to dodge police was the main attraction of the movie. Mohanlal played the role of police officer in this movie. Directed by I V Sasi the movie had Seema as female lead. After decades there was a sequel to Athirathram but turned out to be an insult for the original.

Mafia (1993)

jayashankar (Janardhanan) a sincere police officer gets brutally murdered by a don. To avenge his brother Ravi Shankar (Suresh Gopi) does the unthinkable. A well educated man becomes a dreaded don and takes revenge. Shaji Kailas - Suresh Gopi movies have gifted Malayal's a lot of good action movies. Mafia is one among them. The way the underworld has been portrayed in Mafia was different from all those who has released before it. The main antagonist of the movie Surya Devaraja Gowda (Tiger Prabhakar)'s role was so powerful and he played it to near perfection. Geetha is the female lead of the movie.

Mahatma (1996)

After Mohanlal and Mammootty Suresh Gopi became a star after the super hit movie Commissioner. Soon he became another super star in Malayalam. There was an array of action movies which were super hit Mahatma was one among them. Mahatma is directed by Shaji Kailas and Biju Menon, Ramya Krishnan etc. In Pivotal roles.

Ustaad (1999)

Parameshwaran (Mohanlal) is living a dual life. One of a feared don and other of a lovable brother. The transition itself is one of the highlight of the movie. Tension builds up when his arch enemy Yousuf Shah (Rajeev) takes wow to destroy Parameshwaran. Directed by Sibi Malayil Ustaad had Divya Unni as Mohanlal's sister and Indraja as his love interest. Songs tuned by Vidyasagar is indeed one of the biggest highlight of Ustaad.

Praja (2001)

Fire brand dialogues of Renji Panicker was the man attraction of Praja. Praja is about the story of  a x-underworld don Zakkir Ali Hussein (Mohanlal) who is now living peacefully in Kochi. After a planned attack on his beloved Baapu (Anupam Kher) he had to wear the gown of a don once again. What happens in the coarse is rest of the story. Joshiy is the director of Praja. Aishwarya is the female lead of the movie.

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