Super Hit hilarious comedy roles of Salim Kumar

Wednesday, 4 January,2017

Super Hit hilarious comedy roles of Salim Kumar

Salim Kumar is indeed an asset to Malayalam cinema. Be it comedy or character roles the actor has immense talents to present it with ease. His comedy dialogues as well as screen shot of faces that he made in scenes has been used for creating countless memes as well as trolls in internet.

47 year old Salim Kumar was stamped as an comedy actor from the start, My Dear Kuttichathan (1984) and it prevailed till Sarkar Dada (2005). Everything changed after his appearance in the Lal Jose movie Achanurangatha Veedu released in 2005. Salim Kumar shocked everyone with his actng skills and proved it to the world that the talent he posses does not have only one dimension. His career got another dimension after he won the national award as best actor for the movie Adaminte Makan Abu (2010). 3 years after Adaminte Amakan Abu there was an unexpected halt for his career owing to physical illness. The actor made a tremendous come back in 2016 with the movie Kattapanayile Ritwik Roshan. However Salim Kumar's comedy dialogues are something which has been creating laugh even it was heard for the 100th time.

Here are some of the ever green comedy from Salim Kumar,

Advocate Mukundanunny (Meesa Madhavan)

The famous dialogue " Sneham Mathre Ullalle" has created a laughing riot in theater back then. His role as a stupid advocate who turns out to be  a savior was a super hit back then. Impeccable timing and hilarious spot improvisation of the actor made is role hilarious. Meesa Madhavan is the movie which gave a serious break in Malayalam movie industry.

Kunjikoonan ( Chandran the electrician)

"Enik Appavum Muttacurryum venda pallu thechitilla Puttum Kadalayum Mathi" Just thinking about this scene will make one burst out with laughter. Directed by Sasi Shanker the movie has Dileep in lead role. The hilarous and impeccably timed scenes between Salim Kumar and Cochin Haneefa is one of the success factor of this movie.

Pyari (Kalyanaraman)

After the release of Kalyaraman the word "Melcow" became so much famous. Thanks to Salimkumar and the hilarious scene. Salim Kumar has played a major part in the success of the movie Kalyanaraman. His combination scenes with the male lead of the movie Dileep has worked out so well for the movie. Directed by Shafi the movie had Navya Nair as female lead

The unnamed Mad man ( CID Moosa)

CID Moosa was the first comical spoof movie in Malayalam. The movie was intended just for entertainment and for that CID Moosa was so much successful. There are a lot of characters in the movie portrayed by some of the best in Malayalam movie history. Salim Kumar's role as a mad man was strange but hilarious. His abrupt appearance was indeed strange yet hilarious. Johny Antony is the director of the movie.

Inspector Jabbar Kesavan (Pattalam)

Eventhough Pattalam was a dud in box office the comedy the movie has is evergreen and will be remembered for ever. There was a scene in which Salim Kumar's character Inspector Jabbar Kesavan gets bitten by a dog. The scene is one of the most funny scenes that Salim Kumar has been a apart of. Lal Jose is the director of the movie and the movie has Mammootty in lead role.

Manavalan (Pulival Kalyanam)

Without no doubt any one will say that manavalan is the best in Salim Kumar's career as a comedy actor. His mannerism and the way he presented the dialogues is pure gold. The most hilarious one in the movie was in a scene where Salim Kumar introduces himself to Harisree Ashokan and jayasurya. The dialogues as well as mannerisms of Salim Kumar has been used now a trillion times  to create troll and memes.

Recentlly Dubsmash of a 7 year old has hit more than 3 millions views in Facebook as well as in YouTube. The scenes were from Pulivalkalyanam and the boy enacted Salim Kumar's introduction scene. It has to be remembered that 13 years has passed since the release of the movie.

Dance master Wikram a.k.a. Vikram Jackson ( Chathikkatha Chanthu)

Remember the famous dance step of Salim Kumar from the movie Chathikkatha Chanthu ? If you do u might have laughed a bit by now. That was the impact of Salim Kumar. He has a comedian has become unbeatable after a while. Directed by Rafi mecartin the movie has jayasurya in lead role.

Rajakkannu aka Rajappan (Thommanum Makkalum)

There is a hilarious scene in Thommanum Makkalum where Rajakkannu explains the death of his lady love. It was indeed dark but none wouldn't even have a clue that there is going to be comedy in that explanation. Salim Kumar has made a laughing rot inside the theater all the time when he was on screen. Directed by Shafi the movie had Mammootty and Lal in lead roles.

Unnikkannan (Chess)

Unnikannan is the caretaker of a Blind man Vijayakrishnan. Since Vijayakrishnan is blind Unnikkannan utilises this situation very well and little did he know that Vijayakrshnan was acting as blind. The scenes were too funny and was one o the best things about the movie. Raj Babu is the director of the movie and Dileep is in the lead role.

Kannan Shrank (Mayavi)

Undoubtedly Kannan Shrank will be the second best hilarious role of Salim Kumar. Trolls and memes are in plenty nowadays based on the character of the movie. Shafi is the director of the movie. Mammootty is in the title role.

Das Vadakkemuri (Kadha Parayumbol)

Das Vadakkemuri and his poems are indeed funny and has made a lot of people laugh. Directed by M Mohanan and scripted by Sreenivasan the movie had Sreenivasan and Mammootty in lead role. Salim Kumar does not have much of screen space in the movie. However scenes which he was apart of was hilarious and was one of the reasons for the success of the movie.

Lakshmanan (Crazy Gopalan)

Salim Kumar's role in the movie was tragic. However there are lot of funny scenes with the combination of himself and Dileep. Deepu Karunakaran is the director of the movie.

Naxalite Chandran (Kattappanayile Rithwik Roshan)

After Crazay Gopalan there was not much of a genuinely funny roles acted by Salim Kumar. After the National Award win his career took a turn and after a while he was not able to perform due to health issues. However after a gap of 8 years he became a part of Kattappanayile Rithwik Roshan and the movie had Salim Kumar in all his past glory. Scenes of Salim kumar in the movie was hilarious.

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