Real Names of Malayalam Actresses [Photos and Names]

Friday, 2 December,2016

Real Names of Malayalam Actresses [Photos and Names]

Real Names of Malayalam Actresses is indeed a fun thing to know. These are the real names as well as the screen name of your favorite actresses in Malayalam.

Gopika - (Real Name  - Girly Anto)

real name of gopika

The gorgeous Gopika who left movie industry after her marriage was indeed a heart throb of many in South India. Her first movie was Pranayamanithooval released in 2002.  she is married to Ahilesh Chacko, The couple has two kids Aima and Aiden.

karthika - (Real Name - Sunantha)

Karthika began her career in the year 1984 with the movie Oru Painkilikatha. She had a short career span of 5 year. But the actress has managed to find a place inside each and very Malayali's heart for the roles that she has done. Especially from movies like Gandhinagar 2nd Street, Idanazhiyil Oru Kaalocha, Thalavattam, Unnikale Oru Kadha Parayam, January Oru Orma, Desatanakkili Karayarilla etc.

Rambha - (Real Name - Vijayalajshmi)

Rambha was indeed a surprise for many when she appeared first in the movie Sargam. However after a while she did a makeover which changed her career forever. From a girl next door to a glam girl was indeed a shocking change.

Navya Nair - (Real Name - Dhanya Nair)

Girl Next door Nandanam girl Navya Nair is indeed one of the all time favorite for Keralites. 2001 marked the first movie of Navya Nair, Nandanam. Navya tried her luck in Tamil but unfortunately it didn't happen according to her plan.

Nayantara - (Real Name - Diana Mariam Kurian)

Nayantara's career sky rocketted like none other in South Indian movie industry. Bangalore born actress made her debut through the movie Manasinakkare in the year 2003. 32 Year old nayantara is now beng called as the lady syper star. The actress is managing to pull audience to theater like the super stars nowadays.

Bhavana - (Real Name Karthika Menon)

The Nammal girl shcoked everyone with her amazing make over after she went to Tamil movie industry. She changed her common name to Bhavana as per the director's suggestion. 2 time kerala State award winning actres has become picky nowdays and is rumored to marry a Kannada movie prodcuer soon.

Bhama - (Real Name - Rekhitha Kurup)

Lohithadas the legendary director who is no more was the one changed the name of Rekhitha to Bhama in her debut movie Nivedyam. After a while she tried her luck in Tamil as well as Kannada movie indutry. In which she became famous in Sandalwood.

Urvashi - (Real name - Kavitha Ranjini)

Urvashi is indeed one of the most actress Mollywood has ever come across. Due to the ordinary nature of her name kavitha Ranjini changed her name to Urvashi.

Parvathy - (Real Name - Aswathy Kurup)

Dreamy eyed Parvathy has indeed given life to one of the most remembered characters in Malayalam cinema. H Her performance in Kamaladalam, Vadakkunokkiyanthram etc. is an example. She made her debut through the Balachandra Menon movie Vivahithare Ithile in 1986.

Revathi - (Real Name - Asha Kelunni)

Revathi the talented actress cum director changed her name aupon the suggestion of her first director Bharathi Raja before the shooting of her first movie Mann Vasanai. She now is the recipient of  three National Film Awards in three different categories, and six Filmfare Awards South

Maathu - (Real Name Madhavi)

Even though Maathu was a Tamilian Malayalam movie industry was the one which earned her fame. Her first movie was Pooram which was released in 1989.

karthika - (Real Name - Lidiya Jacob)

Karthika started her career in Malayalam and later on shifter to Tamil Unfortunately she was not able to mark her name in Kollywood. She is now married and settled in U.S

Bhanupriya - (Real Name - Manga Bhama)

She was indeed a epitome of beauty. The roles that she did in all of South Indian languages were bold and had scope to exhibit her talents. She has been a part of more than 150 movies and nowadays she is not seen in movies thatg much.

Meera Jasmine - (Real Name - jasmine Mary Joseph)

It was upon the suggestion of director Lohitadas that she changed her name. Her debut movie was Soothradharan and she is still working as an actress but not frequent as she used to be. 34 yrear old Meera jasmine is now married to Anil John Titus.

Lakshana - (Real Name -Krishnendu)

Krishnendu changed her name after a while she came to the movie industry. She is now married and has not been seen in movies for quite some time. She is now married to Sajith Pillai, a doctor who works at Doha, on June 17, 2010

Sheela - (Real Name - Clara)

The legendary actress is indeed a pride for Malayalam movie industry. She also holds the Guinness record to be pair up with an actor in most number of movies. Prem Nazir - Sheela couple was a lucky charm for Mollywood. Indeed once the queen of Malayalam movie industry.

Sharada - (Real Name - Saraswati)

Andhra born Saraswati was immensely talented and has been crucial a part of legacy of Malayalam cinema. Three time National award winning actress Sharada made her debut through the movie Inapravukal in the year 1965

Jaya Bharati - (Real Name - Lakshmi Bharathi)

The yesteryear glam girl of Mollywood was indeed a hearthrob back then. It has been a while since she appeared in movies. Her son Krish j Sathar tried his luck in movie industry but was not successful.

Priya Mani - (Real Name - Prya Vasudev Mani Iyer)

One of the most talented actress in India Priyamani did not actually changed her name she shortened it for convenience. She made her debut through the movie Ullam in 2003. The movi which changed her career forever was Paruthi Veeran.

Sruthi Lakshmi - (Real Name  - Sruthi Jose)

Eventhough Sruthi lakshmi is talented and has done some meaty roles. She was not noticed that much. She is now married and is busy in mini screen.

Ananya - (Real Name - Ayilya Gopalakrishnan Nair)

Ananya began her career as a child actress through the movies produced by her father. Her first movie in a lead role was Positive released in 2009. Eventhough her first movie was a dud she got a huge break through the movie Nadodigal in Ramil

Abhirami - (Real Name - Divya Gopi Kumar)

Abhirami made her debut as a child actress through the movie Kathapurashan. The movie which changed her career was Njangal Santhushtaranu. Eventhough she was famous in Tamil She got a big break in Kollywood through the movie Virumandi in 2004.

Ann Augustine - (Real name - Anate Augustine)

The kerala state award winning actress began her career with the Lal Jose movie Elsamma Enna Aankutty in 2010. eventhough she has done only a handful of movies in her career. The good reputation that she earned is only because of her talents and hard work.

Chippy - (Real Name - Divya)

Chippy had a girl next door image from the start. Thalasthanam was her firsrt movie. The movie which gave her a break was Padheyam directed by the legend Bharathan.

Miya George - (Real Name - Gimi George)

Miya made her debut in 2010 through the movie Oru Small Famly. She came in lme light after the TV Serial Alphonsamma and Kunjali Marakkar. She is also the winner of Kerala Miss Fitness 2012 in a beauty pageant. Her movie debut as a lead actress was through Ettekal Second.

Indraja - (Real Name - Rajitha)

None can forget the eyes of Indraja as she had one of the beautiful ever among South Indian actress. She mader her debut as a child actress through the Rajinikanth movie Uzhaippali.  V. Krishna Reddy's Yamaleela gave her stardom and made her one of the most demanded actress in South India.

Iniya - (Real name Shruti Sawant) 

Eventhough Iniya has appeared in a handfull of Malayalam movies Vagai Sooda Vaa the Tamil movie was the one which changed her career. Iniya's first movie happened in the year 2004 through Rain Rain Come Again. However the role that she didn't earned her anything.

Jomol - (Real name - Gowri Chandrasekhara Pillai )

Jomol made her debut through the epic movie Oru Vadakkan Veeragadha as a child actress. She is married now to Chandrasekhara Pillai and has two children Aarya and Aarja.  The movie which changed her career was Niram released in 2002.

Kaniha - (Real Name Divya Venkat Subramanyam)

2001 was the year Kaniha made her debut through the movie Five Star. After her first movie there was no turning back. She has been part of lots of successful movies in her career in every South Indian languages. Movies like, Autograph, Pazhassiraja, Spirit, Bhagyadevatha etc. are some of the best in her career.

Mithra Kurian - (Real Name - Dalma Kurian)

Mithra made her debut through the movie Vismayathumbath which had MOhanlal as lead role. However it was a small role. The movie which gave her a break was Gulumal: The Escape released in 2009.

Muktha - (Real Name  - Elsa george)

Otta Nanayam marked the debut of Muktha. She is now married to the brother of singer Rimi Tomi. She made her debut as a child artist she was in class six. She was a part of TV serial Swaram (on Amrita TV). After a while she got  a chance to be apart of the movie Achanurangatha Veedu.

Sridevi - (Real Name - Shree Amma Yanger Ayyapa)

Sridevi's stardom was indeed wonderful and has never been repeated till now by anyone. She was called as the first super star of Indian cinema. Her Bollywood debut was as a child artist in the hit Julie (1975). The list of awards that she has won in her career span is huge and it would not be repeated as it is not humanely possible.

Menaka - (Real Name - Padmavati)

Mother of actress Keerthy Suresh is an indeed an unforgettable face of Keralites. She has done around 116 movies in her career and the most remembered one were with Mohanlal and Shankar.

Mohini - (Real Name - Mahalakshmi)

Made her debut through the movie Eeramana Rojave in would be a big surprise of Malayali audience if they hear that she is not from Kerala. The reason is her Malayalam movies as they have made her so much close to Keralites.

Mythili - (Real Name - Brighty Balachandran)

Paleri Manikyam girl is indeed a talented actress and she has proved it hands down many times. For the movie  Salt N' Pepper which subsequently earned her a nomination for Best Supporting Actress at 59th Filmfare Awards South.

Nadhiya Moidu - (Real name - Zareena Moidhu)

Made her debut through Nokketha Doorathu Kannum Nattu. She is now married to Shirish Godbole, an investment banker from Maharashtra in 1988.

Oviya - (Real name - Helen Nelson)

The glam girl Oviya indeed have a peculiar name and she changed it when she entered Tamil movie industry. The movie was Kalaivani directed by Sargunam. Eventhough the movie was a small budget one. The movie became a super hit.

Simran - (Real Name - Rishibala Naval)

The girl who gave sleepless nights to men in South India indeed have a beautiful real name. Simran made her debut through the movie Sanam Harjai in 1995. It was Kollywood that changed her fate. The movies that she did in Kollywodo were super hits and she within no time became the most demanded actress in whole of South India.

Shrita Sivadas - (Real Name - Parvathy Sivadas)

The Ordinary movie girl married Deepak Nambiar at the prime of her career. However her movie career began when she was studying in  Shri Shankaracharya College of Engineering and Technology for Microbiology.

Sneha - (Real Name - Suhasini Rajaram Naidu)

It will indeed be a surprise for people in Tamilnadu if they came to know that Sneha made her debut in Malayalam through the movie Ingane Oru Nilapakshi. Her career shifted to another phase when her super hit movie  Aanandham in the year 2001 was released. The movie had Mammootty in lead role.

Soundarya - (Real name - Soumya Satyanarayanan)

Soundarya is a painful rememberence for every one. Late Soundarya was indeed a talented and a gifted actress. Gandharva wasSoundarya's debut movie. She has acted with allmost all super stars including Rajinikanth

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