Must watch Malayalam cult movies before you die

Wednesday, 7 December,2016

Must watch Malayalam cult movies before you die

Malayalam movie industry is indeed one of the best in India. People looked out a lot in the past for Malayalam as well as Bengali movies which were the platform for realistic movies rather than the larger than life unrealistic movies came out from rest of India. However there was a time when Malayalam movie industry has also fallen for this commercialism and has produced a lot of movies which are considered as rubbish. At present Malayalam movie industry is traveling through a new era where movie industry does not circle around a coccus. New actors as well as technicians are coming in and fresh concepts as well as making can be evidently seen in the movie. The tranisition of Malayalam movies from past to present in terms of concept can't be considered as marvellous but still the new wave is promising. Anyhow Since Malayalam movie industry has been loved by many even by people doesn't know Malayalam this list will be helpful for those who wish to watch the best in Malayalam movie history.

Chemmeen (1965)

Chemmeen is the first ever technicolor Malayalam film. The movie for its excellence has won National Film Award for Best Feature Film, Certificate of Merit at the Chicago International Film Festival, Gold Medal at the Cannes Film Festival for Best Cinematography. Chemmeen has been filmed based on the novel written by Thakazhi Sivasankara Pillai. The tragic love story of karuthamma and Pareekkutty still saddens people. One of the best romantic movie in India. Ramu Kariat is the director of Chemmeen. 

Nirmalyam (1973)

India is in a phase where people are becoming so mucn intolerent of each other in terms of faith. What is baffling about Nirmalyam is that it destoryes the basics of faith. The movie has constructed around the life of an oracle and his tragic life eventhough he is considered to be the ears of god. It would have been atrrocious for many if Nirmalyam is made now. Anyhow the movie is directed as well as writtenn by M T Vasudevan Nair. His brilliance in weavng a story which tells the other side of faith turned out to be one of the classics in Indian cinema. P J Antony the famous theater actor has done the lead role of Oracle in this movie . For his stupendous perfoemce has reccived state as well as national award for best actor for this movie.

Oru Vadkkan Veera Gadha (1989)

Another master piece from the genius M T Vasudevan Nair. His writings most astoundign feature is that they are keen on discovering the side hof a story. There is a folklore of a betrayer named Chanthu who with his treachery has killed Aromal a warrior lived in the ancient times. M T has took the folklore and twisted the entire stories as well as the characters. In this movie Chanthu has been given a good image and those who are being described as good in the folklore has been given the opposite side. The production value of this movie is high and it is evident in the movie. Oru Vadkkan Veera Gadha is directed by Hariharan and Mammootty played the role  of Chanthu in this movie. For his brilliant performence Mammootty was awarded with National award for best actor.

Chithram (1988)

A movie from the master of comedy Priyadarshan. The movie is close to heart of all the Keralites in India and all across the world. Eventhough the movie has tragedy in the end, The comedy Chithram has is gold and will make you laugh like anything. Mohanlal the brilliant actor's timing as well as perefection can be evidently seen in this movie. Be it Ranjini, Nedumudi venu, Poornam Vishwanathan, lizy, Sreenivasan, Maniyan Pilla Raju or Skumari everyone in this movie has done their part with perfection.

Aparan (1988)

The the magician of writing Padmarajan and M. K. Chandrasekharan has written story and script of Aparan in such a way that it will send you a burst on your spine when ever you think about the movie. The story of Vishwanathan (jayaram) and his Doppelganger has been written and shot in an exceptional way for this movie. Aparan will always be one of the best in thriller genre. The climax is the best part in this movie as it will leave you in a state of anxiety and baffle.

Thoovanathumbikal (1987)

Padmarajan's stories has a magic in them. Thoovanathumbikal is in the epitome of that magic. Be it the mysterious jayakrishnan, stubborn Radha, the enchanting beauty Clara, oppurtunistic Thangal or Annoying Ravunni. Everybody will be close to your heart after watching this movie. Music by Perumbavoor G. Raveendranath has uplift the whole mood of the movie.

Namukku Parkkan Munthiri Thoppukal (1986)

The movie that shattered all concepts of heroism. Epic love story between Shari and Solomon has been beautifully penned down by K. K. Sudhakaran and the script of the movie has been written by Padmarajan based on that. The story of stepfather raping his stepdaughter was indeed cruel but the movie has a a beautiful ending.

Danny (2001)

Sarcasm and black humor was in plenty in this movie. Both has not been explored much in Indian cinema. Story of Danny is hilarious as well as sad at the same time. Directed and written by T V Chandranthe movie has won national award for best movie in Malayalam. Mammootty the lead actor of the movie has done an exceptional job as Danny. Mallika Sarabhai  the famous dancer is the female lead of this movie.

Guru (1997)

One of the best movies Malayalam has ever made. Guru handles the story of a man and his visions. His eyes were clouded by hatred and the visions that she got after visiting a special places changes him. He realizes through a imaganiative story in which he is the central character that the cure for his blindness is within him. The movie has a story which will be relevant as loing as there is human kind. Rajiv Anchal is the director of the movie and Mohanlal plays the lead role in this movie.

Vidheyan (1993)

Vidheyan was about a stigma that existed in the society back then. The entire movie has been owned the superior performance of Mammootty. The story of the movie might not be pleasing to those who expect cherishing moments from the movie. There is violence in Vidheyan and the movie has been directed as well as written exceptionally well by the master craftsman Adoor Gopalakrishnan. Script of Vidheyan has been written based on story Bhaskara Pattelarum Ente Jeevithavum by Zacharia.

Chandralekha (1997)

One of the best comedy classics in Malayalam. Mohanlal and Sreenivasan has complemented each other very well and the movie is packed with so much humor that Chanraleksha will make your day. Songs is one of the soothing factors of this movie. Songs of Chandralekha has been composed by Berny Ignatius. The movie is directed by king of comedy movies Priyadarshan and produced by director Fazil. 

Hitler (1996)

Story of Hitler might be a melodrama which might not make an impact on you. But the comedy this movie has is too good that it will make your stomach pain with laughter. Mammootty is in the lead role of this movie. His role in Hitler is extremely serious so the comedy of Hitler were in the hands of jagadeesh, Sainudheen, Mukesh and Idavela Babu etc. Siddique is the director of this movie.

Mazha Peyyunnu Maddalam Kottunnu (1986)

When a movie is packed with brilliant actor and it has been director by Priyadarshan. Nothing will go subpar. Mazha Peyyunnu Maddalam Kottunnu is an ample example for that. The movie is tightly packed with comedy and can be named the most hilarious movie in Malayalam history. Mohanlal, Mukeh, Jagathy, Kuthuravattom Pappu, Maniyanpalilla Raju, Lizy, Priya, Sreenivasan etc are in lead role of this movie.

Thazhvaram (1990)

Revenge how intense and disturbing it can be, If you have no clue watch Thazhvaram. Story of Thazhvaram is chilling and has been shot in brilliantly. M T Vasdevan Nair is the writer and Bharathan is the director. Salim Ghouse was the antagonist of this movie. Both Mohanlal and Salim Ghouse has complemented each other very well and all these factors made Thazhvaram an exceptional movie. Sumalatha is the female lead of Thazhvaram.


Manichitrathazhu has been remade in almost all the langauges in India. The statement itself enough to explain what kind of a movie Manichitrathazhu is. The movie was massive hit when it was released. Fazil headed the direction team. The movie was again divided into five parts diected by thre second unit directors which includes, Priyadarshan, Sibi Malayil,Siddique- Lal. The horror mystery of Manichitrathazhu will make on grab their seats and the sperb perfomece by Shobhana, Mohanlal,Suresh Gopi, Innocent, Thilakan, Nedumudi Venu, KPSC Lalitha and Kuthiravattom Pappu will make this movie a long cherished one.

My Dear Kutticharhan (1984)

First ever 3D film in India will make you flabbergast after watching it. The perefection of the movie was because of the perfect team. At that point of time it was unimaginable for a Malayalam movie to have Hollwood technicians in it. My Dear Kuttichathan had that and the budget of the movie was huge. Jijo Punnose was the director of the movie Ashok Kumar was the cinematographer. The story of My Dear Kuttichathan revloves around a diety in Kerala Chathan who gets trapped inside a locket who gets saved by three kids.

kireedam (1989)

The tragedy in the life of Sethumadhavan (Mohanlal) is a painful remembrance after watching the movie. The movie is considered as a cult classic of Malayalam. Directed by Sibi Malayail the movie has won awards like, 1989 National Film Award-Special Jury Award, Kerala Film Critics Award for Best Screenplay,  etc. The best thing about Kireedam is its story and the breath taking performances.

Kaalapani (1996)

Kaalapani is told in the back drop of cruelty in British Empire. The movie was shot with a grand budget and was a super hti back then. The director of the movie Priyadarshan shocked everyone as he has always sticked on to comedy till Kaalapani. Mohanlal played the lead role in the movie. Besides him there were Prabhu, Amrish Puri, Tabu, Vineeth, Alex Wolff in pivotal roles. Kaalapani has won more than a dozen awards from both state and national levels.

Yavanika (1982)

K G George without no doubt is one of the best in India. His movies are unique and will stand out from other. yavanika is a great thriller which deals with the story of a missing Tabla player. Bharath Gopi plays the role of Tabla player and Mammootty plays the role of investigation officer.

Panchavadi Palam (1984)

A satire which has no equal. Panchavadi Palam will always be relevant considering the political scenario in India. Directed by K G george the movie has Bharath Gopi, Sukumari, Nedumudi venu, jagathy etc in lead roles. The movie is about the corruption and the hilarious happening around the construction of a bridge. The movie ends with a good social message.

Nadodikkattu (1987)

Sathyan Anthikkad has contributed a lot to Malayalam movie industry. His political satire Sandeshan is a cult classic and will always be fresh no matter how many times you watch it. Like wise one of his best comedy movie Nadodikkattu is a hilarious one and will make one burst with laughter. The movie has Mohanlal and Sreenivasna in lead role. Screenplay of this brilliant movie has been written by Sreenivasan himself. The story of Nadodikkattu revolves around two friends Dasan and Vjay and their plights in surviving life.

Traffic (2011)

Traffic is the move which started all the new wave in Malayalam cinema. Malayalam cinema was going through a tough phase when Traffic was arrived. Due to the intense plot the movie became a super hit and has given confidence to all the young aspiring movie makers as well as producers to come forward. Rajesh Pillai is the director of the movie. The movie has been made upon an incident that happened in Chennai.

22FK (2012)

22FK aka 22 Female Kottayam is a revenge drama of a young girl who was cheated by some. The girl took flight from the ashes and had her revenge on all the men that destroyed her life. The movie had a powerful message and was a powerful warning to the current scenario. Rima Kallingal played the title role and for her performance she got Kerala state award for best actress. Fahadh Faasil who played the role of antagonist in the movie has to be appreciated as this one of his movie movie which made viewers think that he has got immense potential. Aashiq Abu is the director of the movie.

Ustad Hotel(2012)

Ustad Hotel is a movie which is stuffed with so much goodness in it. The movie has a powerful social message and a touching story. Anjali Menon writer of the story has written a heart touching story that will make one fill with all the emotions. Anwar Rasheed is the director if this movie. Dulquer Salman is in the lead role.

Drishyam (2013)

Drishyam is remarkable in the history of Malayalam cinema. Remarkable in terms of revenue it collected. Drishyam is in the top 5 movies that has collected the most. With Mohanlal in lead role the movie had lot of nail biting moments and is stuffed with surprises that will make one not even flinch through out the movie. Jeethu Joseph is the director of the movie.

Amen (2013)

Amen is fresh in everyways. The movie can be named as one of the beautifully shot movies ever. Abinandhan Ramanujam the cinematographer of the movie has to be appreciated for his innovative techniques. Directed by Lijo Jose the movie has Fahadh and Swathi in lead roles.

Bangalore Days (2014)

Another beautiful movie from Anjali Menon. Bangalore days is about the fun that people nowadays miss out in the battle for money. Movie has a large cast and was a super hit. Dulquer Salmaan, Fahadh Faasil, Nivin Pauly, Nithya Menen, Nazriya were in the lead role in this movie.

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