Malayalam movies you should not watch with family and parents

Tuesday, 6 December,2016

Malayalam movies you should not watch with family and parents

Malayalam movies has always been named as one of the best in India. The variety of subjects that has been handled is is vivid comparing with other movie industries in India. Adult scenes in some of the Malayalam movies is an example for this. However there times when these movies has made us feel awkward when it came in front of us in TV in a family movie time. There are some of the movies that might have put you in a awkward situations.

Thakara (1980)

Thakara has full of sensual scenes of surekha and the it has been shot and portrayed beautifully by Bharathan and Ashok Kumar. Thakara has been aired so many times on many TV channels and has put many in an awkward situation in their childhood and the main reason is because our mind was not matured enough to see the artistic value of Thakara. Thakara has been written by the genius Padamrajan and had Prathap Pothan as male lead.


I V Sasi has never been stingy in terms of adult scenes in his movies. Avalude Raavukal is an ample example for that. Aswaradham had Srividya, Raveendran, Balan K Nair, Prameela etc. in lead roles. The movie has lot of adult scenes and is one of the top movies that made you feel awkward in your childhood.


Rathinirvedham is one of the boldest attempt in Malayalam movie history. The movie is about the fantasies of a young boy about a girl who is much older than him. The movie is directed by Bharathan and penned down by Padmarajan. The subject that this movie handled was something extraordinary and it has to be remembered that the movie came out in a period where people were not exposed to this kind of fantasies. The movie has been aired in TV channels over and over and even though now we would not mind watching it when you family is around. At that time it has gifted with hell lot of awkwardness. Rathinirvedham has been remade in 2011 by T K Rajeevkumar with Shwetha Menon and Sreejith in lead roles. Unfortunately the movie was not able to recreate the same impact and failed in box office.


Vaisali is a gift from the master craftsman Bharathan. The story of the movie has been written by the genius writer M T Vasudevan Nair. The movie was full of beautiful erotic scenes where Vaisali lures Rishishrikan to come with her. The evergreen song Indraneelimayolum was full of it and was indeed at that age.


The goddess of beauty Bhanupriya's sensous song in the movie Rajashilpi is indeed beautiful. The song Poikayil has been shown numerous time in Chitrageethangal (Famous TV program) at that time and has made us shy. Rajashilpi had Mohanlal in lead role and was directed by R Sukumaran.

Eeta (1978)

Eeta is a tragic story of revenge and feud. Anyhow the plot is, one of the main characters in the movie Ramu (Kamal Haasan) gets sexually lured by Annamma (Sheela) and she gets pregnant. The song Murukkuchuvannatho was indeed awkward in the childhood times. Even though now it doesn't make us feel so. Eeta is also one of the masterpiece of I V Sasi.

Chattakari (1974)

Chattakkari was indeed a revolutionary movie. The subject the movie handled was before marriage pregnancy as well the life of Anglo Indians. The dress styles in the movie was indeed an alien considering Status quo os that time. The movie was directed by the stalwart K S Sethumadhavan and had Lakshmi, Mohan Sharma, Adoor Bhasi, Sukumari etc. in lead roles. The movie has been remade years ago with Shamna Kasim and Hemanth in lead role but turned out to be a dud.

Vidheyan (1993)

Vidheyan is a painful remembrance of the social stigma in the past. Directed by Adoor Gopalakrishnan the movie has Mammootty in lead role.  The movie is about the chauvinism of Bhaskara Pattelar and there are scenes which will make you awkward sad and even disturbed if you have watched this movie in childhood.

Uyarangalil (1984)

One of the best thriller in the Malayalam movie history. The movie is about the cunningness and cruelty of jayarajan (Mohanlal). The movie has lots of sensuous scenes in which he lures Devi (kajal Kiran) who is a widow. The story of the movie was written again by the genius M T Vasudevan nair and the tragic end of the movie was indeed a lot to tell who are keen on using people for their benefits.

vazhiyorakazhchakal (1987)

A good thriller with an unexpected twist. vazhiyorakazhchakal has lot of partially nude scenes of jayarekha which has made our jaw drop in childhood. The movie is directed by Thampi kannamthanam and had Mohanlal, Ratheesh and Ambika in lead roles.

Veendum Lisa (1987)

Veendum Lisa is the sequel of Lisa and when the second part came out it was laded with adult scenes. The movie is directed by Baby and has Innocent, Babu Antony, jaya Rekha, kakka Ravi etc. in lead roles. veendum Lisa has not managed to create an impact like Lisa did. However due to the erotic scenes in the movie. The movie managed to gift lots of awkward moments in our childhood.

Sreekrishna Parunthu(1984)

This magical drama was indeed horrifying in our childhood. Even though the movie was loaded with sexual scenes the horror part of the movie has given us sleepless nights. Sreekrishna Parunthu is directed by A Vincent and has Mohanlal, Jagathy, oduvil Unnikrishnan etc. in led roles.

This movie happened a long ago. At present everything has changed these are the present day movies that has lot of sensual scenes in it.

Ayal (2013)

Directed by Suresh Unnithan the movie has lots of sensual scenes between Lal, Ineya and lena. The movie eventhough was not a commercial success has managed to get the attention of the people when the DVD was released.

Makaramanju (2010)

Brilliance of director Lenin Rajendran can be evidently seen in this movie. The movie has Santhosh Sivan in lead role and he played the role  of Raja Ravi Varma in this movie. Sensual scenesbetween him and karthika Nair, Nithya Menen, lakshmi Sharma and Mallika Kapoor was indeed steaming hot.

Rasaleela (2012)

Rasaleela was the new age adaptation of yesteryear movie with the same name. The movie is packed with sensous scene between Darshan and Prathist. Majeed Maranchery is the director of the movie and the movie except the erotic scenes has not managed to make any impact among public. 


Shwetha Menon has never been reluctant in doing bold roles. Kayam is an ample example for that. The news version eventhough was a dud it has lto of sensous scenes of Shwetha. Kayam is directed by Anil K nair and has Manoj K Jayan as the male lead. The original version of the movie was released in 1982 and was directed by Pk Joseph. Anjali Naidu was the female lead of the old version.

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