Malayalam Movie Celebrities who are awesome TV Hosts

Tuesday, 13 December,2016

Malayalam Movie Celebrities who are awesome TV Hosts

Attention a TV show gets nowadays is proportional to the star that hosts the show. This has turned out to be the success mantra for TV Shows nowadays. It all started when the Malayalam version of Kaun Banega Crorepati was aired in Surya TV. The Malayalam version was Kodeeswaran (2000) and was hosted by actor Mukesh. The show got acceptance like never before and was the most successful program that time. The main reason for the success of the show was the host Mukesh. After that a trend started rushing in into the TV industry. Numerous number of celebs were appointed as hosts of show. These list here has the the most successful celebs as TV hosts in Malayalam.

Suresh Gopi (Ningalkkum Aakam Kodeeshwaran)

2012 was the year when Suresh Gopi became the host of the iconic show Ningalkkum Aakam Kodeeshwaran which was earlier hosted and popularized by Mukesh. The acceptance the show got was immense back then. However  Suresh Gopi has managed to channel a lot of attention at first and later on the show became a must for all Malayali's day to day activities. The profound thing about the show was that it not only changed the life of some of the contestants it also motivated philanthropic activities . Suresh Gopi himself has given money from his pocket t lot of people through the show. The humanitarian side of the actor became public through the show. When the show started airing in 2012 Suresh Gopi's career was diving to the ground. The acceptence of the show has also helped him a lot in his movie career.

Mukesh (Deal OR No Deal/Sell Me The Answer)

After the grand success of Kodeeswaran (2000) Mukesh stood away from TV shows as he became busy in his acting career. After 12 years he came back to TV shows with  Deal OR No Deal which was the Malayalam version of a super hit American Show with the same name. The main rule of the show was that the participant has to pick from 26 boxes which were kept by beautiful models. The box contained money ranging from zero to 1 core. The money inside the box won't be revealed as there will be deals by banker of the show to chose from the money the banker has put forward or to go on with the money in the box. The show was among the top 3 position in ranking among Malayalam TV shows. After Deal OR No Deal Mukesh became part of another TV show titled as Sell Me The Answer which was also a grand success.

Nyla Usha (Minute To Win It)

Nyla Usha started her celeb career by being an RJ. Her fame and talents gave her an opportunity to be a part of the movie Kunjananthante Kada. Even though she got a big start her movie career was not bright. However Minute To Win It was a big break for her. The show is now in Rank 1 among the reality shows in Malayalam TV shows. The rule of the show is to crack a game within 1 minute and earn the money. Minute to Win It in Malayalam is the adapted version of the super hit US TV show.

Rimi Tomy (Onnum Onnum Moonu)

It is true that Rimi Tomy has got lot of haters in Kerala. But hat her or love her we cant avoid her as she has been a part of successful shows for so long in Malayalam. One of the most successful shows of Rimi Tomy is Onnum Onnum Moonu which mainly focuses on songs, guest interview etc. The main reason for the success of shows hosted by Rimi Tomy is the way she has been presenting it. Her talkative and vibrant nature are being adored by many. Even though it has put her in lots of controversies.

Suraj venjaramoodu (Comedy festival, Manampole Mangalyam)

Suraj venjaramoodu and his career got a new dimension after winning the National Award for the movie Perariyathavar. He got plenty of opportunities both from movies as well as in TV. His first successful show was Manampole Mangalyam in which he interviews celeb couples. His second show was grand and is the biggest in his career so far. Comedy Super Nite is the show and he hosted the show for an year.

Poornima Indrajith (Kuttikalodano Kali?/Get Stylish/)

Poornima Indrajith is indeed the female style icon of Kerala. Her fashion boutique and designer company Pranaah is a famous all across India. After her marriage with actor Indrajith she was not seen in movies that frequently. As time passed by she completely quit movies and began to appear in TV shows. Her recent successful TV show is Kuttikalonadano Kali. The show became so much popular because of her presentation and the nature of the show.

Govind Padmasoorya aka GP (D4Dance, Fastest Family First)

Govind Padmasoorya began his career as an actor through the movie Atayalangal. His movie career was dull and was not able to get a break for a long time. Then came the TV show D 4 Dance. The show gained lot of attention and became the number one dance show in Kerala ever. GP became the heart throb of young people in Kerala and the fame of the show sky rocketed. The fame that he got was the main reason for the producers to cast him as the anchor of second season too. He along with Pearle Maaney became the center of attraction in that show.

Navya Nair (Laughing Villa)

Navya Nair restricted her movie career after marriage and was no where to be seen quite some time. After a while she became frequent in classical dance performance and was seen as a judge in many TV shows. The latest show of Navya Nair Laughing Villa is a comedy talk show just like that of Badai Bungalow in Asianet. People were skeptical about show as there was another show hosted by Mukesh and Pisharody which is has same style. However all those skepticism was put to rest by Navya Nair and Maniyan Pilla Raju both of them presented the show very well and made it famous. Talented actors like Surabhi, Manju Pillai etc made the show too good.

Maniyan Pilla Raju (Malayali Durbar)

Malayali Durbar is a talk show hosted by Maniyan Pilla Raju. The show discusses current social scenario and has been managed to bag the attention of people since Day 1. He is also the co-anchor of super hit comedy show Laughng Villa. Maniyan pilla has already earned the good name of as a brilliant actor was well as a producer.

Shweta Menon (veruthe Alla Bharya/Comedy Stars Season 2/Katturumbu)

Bold and beautiful Shweta Menon has given life to lots of roles in her career. Even though she has done a lot of TV shows in Hindi the show which made her famous in Kerala was Veruthe Alla Bharya. The show earned her lot of fame as well as acceptance among public. There were three seasons for the show from 2011-2014. The consecutive three year of Shweta Menon as an anchor of the same show is a proof that how much acceptance she got. After veruthe Alla Bharya she has hosted the show Comedy stars Season 2. At present she is judge of the show Katturumbu.

Abhirami (Made For Each Other)

Abhirami was no where to be seen after her marriage. For a decade she never appeared in any movies or even TV shows. How ever she made an surprise comeback through the movie Apothecary. After Apothecary she became a part of the TV show Made For Each Other. The entire show was shot in Malaysia and the theme of the show was that married couple has to be a part of various games and at the end the couple who stands will be announced as the winner. Made For Each Other became an instant hit because of Abhirami and the theme of the show. As the show became a super hit she got a lot of opportunities to be part of movies.

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