Malayalam movie actors who changed their real name

Monday, 19 December,2016

Malayalam movie actors who changed their real name

Actors and actresses, a big percentage of them change their name after or before their entry to movie industry. It is a global phenomenon and the story of stars in Malayalam cinema industry is also the same. They think that the name change will make them stand out and will bring them luck. Great actor Late Thikkurissy Sukumaran Nair was famous for naming stars back then. There were a lot of stars who has been named by him. Most of them became successful thus making Thikkurissy Sukumaran Nair's name change a lucky charm.

It is fun to know the ordinary name of your favorite stars. Since they have an extra ordinary image in the public their ordinary name will amuse people. This list here contains the real name of all the big stars in Malayalam cinema.

Prem Nazir - Abdul Khader

Late Prem Nazir and his movie career is the most glorious one in Malayalam movie history. There was a point of time when Prem Nazir was the back bone of Malayalam cinema and it would have perished if the actor had quit acting. He also has two Guinness World Records for playing the lead role in a record 725 films and for playing opposite the same heroine in 130 films (with Sheela). His first movie was Marumakal (1952) and the his original name was given in the credits. He changed his name when Marumakal became successful. His name and its uniqueness has also served its part in his career's initial stage..

Sathyan - Manuel Sathyaneshan Nadar

Sathyan was the first one to bring natural acting to Malayalam movie industry. He roles that he has given life has no equal and is unique. His name change was indeed clever as it has helped him a lot in in the initial stage of his movie career. Sathyan's first movie was Thyagaseema which was no released unfortunately. His first movie that got released was Aathmasakhi in 1952.

Adoor Bhasi - K. Bhaskaran Nair

Adoor Bhasi was indeed the crowned prince of comedy in the black and white era of Malayalam cinema. He was also a good character actor for which he has wn 3 state awards. The reason for his name change is He might have opted for a catchy name as Bhaskaran Nair was a common name back them. His movie career began in 1953 with the movie Thiramaala.

Jayan - Krishnan Nair

Jayan was renowned for his macho appearance and his well toned body. His birth name was Krishnan Nair and changed his name before his movie entry. He was introduced to Malayalam cinema by Jayabharathi as she was Jayan's first cousin. Jayan's arrival changed everything in Malayalam cinema till then. Soon he became one of the kings of Malayalam cinema. His death at 1980 while performing a stunt was shock to many in Kerala. The whole Kerala was at halt as their favorite star and idol passed away.

Bharath Gopi - Gopinathan Velayudhan Nair

Bharath Gopi is known for the serious role that he gave life. For his stupendous performance he was even awarded with a National Award. After his national award winning performance for the movie Kodiyettan he changed his name to Bharath Gopi. The actor was a gem and is considered as one of the best Malayalam movie industry has ever seen.

Mammootty - Muhammad Kutty Ismail Paniparambil

Mammotty's real name is known to most of the people who like him. Among Indian movie stars he is the only one with this name. His first movie was Anubhavangal Paalichakal released in 1971. He changed his name before his first movie and what happened next is history. He is now one of the best actors in India now and has won 3 National Awards for best actor.

Dileep - Gopalakrishnan Padmanabhan Pillai

Janapriyanayakan Dileep's real name is indeed an ordinary one and it was indeed a well thought idea to change his name. However the difference is that he changed hi name way before his entry into movie industry. Ennodu Ishtam Koodamo is the first name of Dileep.

Cochin Haneefa - Salim Ahmed Ghoush

Cochin Haneefa's death was a blow to Malayalam movie industry. He has proved his talent on several occasions as a comedian, Villain, Director as well as a character actor. His first name Cochin was adopted by him when was working for the legendary group Cochin Kalabhavan.

Lal - M P Micheal

Lal the half of brilliant director duo Siddique Lal changed his name before his first movie. The name that he has chosen was short, unique as well as easy to remember.

Narain - Sunil

Narain used his oroginal name for so many movies. His name change happened after he got a good name in Kollywood as an actor. He was working as an assistant director Rajeev Menon before his acting career.

Sunny Wayne - Sujith Unnikrishnan

Sunny Wayne is indeed the most stylish name in Malayalam cinema. When people heard this name at first there were many questions which included whether he is from Kerala or not. Recently people came to know that his name is Sujith Unnikrishnan Wayanad and He took Su from his first name Unni From second and Wayn from third. Thus becoming Sunny Wayne. Sunny Wayne made his movie entry through the movie Second Innings.

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