Iconic super hit Malayalam movies of Mohanlal

Monday, 12 December,2016

Iconic super hit Malayalam movies of Mohanlal

Mohanlal is indeed the most crucial pillar of Malayalam movie industry. The actor has been there for more than three and half decade and the movies that he has been part of has contributed to the major share of the prosperity of Malayalam movie industry. He started off his career with a villian role through the movie Manjil Virinja Pookal in the year 1980. After the movie Mohanlal started doing minor roles and slowly as the movies passed by his talent began to evolve. from an inexperienced actor to one of the best in India was unbelievable and inspirational. Uyarangalil was the movie which changed Mohanlal's career for ever. His role as a cunning cruel Tea Plantation manager was something new. His talent was noticed big time in Malayalam movie industry. There are movie of Mohanlal which smashed all the collection record till then. Mohanlal's super hit streak started off with the movie Aram+Aram = Kinnaram.

This list here contains all the iconic super hits of one and only Mohanlal,

Aram+Aram = Kinnaram

Aram+Aram = Kinnaram is one of the classic comedies in Malayalam. What makes the movie fresh even after numerous time is the type of comedy that has been used in the movie. Slapstick combined with verbal humor was not a usual combo till then. Use of colloquial language in movies was also not a common practice till then.Directed by Priyadarshan Aram+Aram = Kinnaram has an ensemble cast of comedy kings of Malayalam cinema. Mohanlal played the role of Narayanan Kutty a car mechanic in the movie. His felxible body language is evident in Aram+Aram = Kinnaram. Besides Mohanlal the comedy part done by Maniyanpilla Raju, Jagathy Sreekumar,Thilakan etc. has made the movie one of the most collected super hits in Malayalam cinema history.

Mazha Peyyunnu Maddalam Kottunnu

Another ever green comedy from the master himself. Directed by Priyadarshan the movie has Mohanlal, Maniyan Pilla Raju, Sreenivasan, Mukesh, Lizy etc. in lead role. Priyadarshan is a kind of director who always welcome spot improvisation and dialogues upon the suggestion of actors. This freedom is well utilized by the cast of Mazha Peyyunnu Maddalam Kottunnu and it can be evidently seen in the movie. Another interesting fact about Mazha Peyyunnu Maddalam Kottunnu is that the story of the movie has been written by Jagadish the famous comedy actor. Mohanlal is one of the pillar in this movie. His comedy timing and natural way of presenting the comedy has earned him lot of appreciation as well as acceptance among the public.

Gandhinagar 2nd Street(1986)

Another gem in the comedy genre of Malayalam movie history. Gandhinagar 2nd Street's success is a result of hilarious as well as touching story and the acting of immensely talented actors. Mohanlal the lead of the movie after a short break became a part of a comedy movie through Gandhinagar 2nd Street and the movie became one of the biggest super hits ever. Sathyan Anthikad is the director of the movie. The king of sarcasm Srenivasan is the one who wrote the script of the movie.
Chithram (1988)
Chithram is indeed a cult movie that will make you fall in love with Mohanlal. Even though the movie has a tragic ending. The comedy in this movie is gold and will make one laugh no matter how many times you have seen it. Mohanlal as an actor was the most important part in the success of Chitrham. Directed by Mohanlal's longtime buddy Priyadarshan the movie had Mohanlal,Ranjin,Nedumudi Venu,Poornam Vishwanathan, Lizy, Soman in pivotal roles.
Kireedam (1989)

The life of Sethumadhavan is like a ache in people's heart. The movie has a touching story of how a common man who had great aspirations turned out to be a street thug. Mohanlal's performance in Kireedam is one of the best in his career and is one of the main reason in the success of the movie. Sibi Malayil is the director of the movie. Thilakan who acted in the father role of Sethumadhavan has given one of his career best in Kireedam. Thilakan and Mohanlal combination scenes were touching and were the best part of the movie. The movie was indeed a big success and collected a lot in terms of revenue.

Abhimanyu (1991)

Abhimanyu can be named as the movie which gave Mohanlal a mass appearance. The transition of a common man Harikrishnan to Hari Anna was intense, thanks to Mohanlal.  His brilliant performance is the main reason for making Abhimanyu this much of a success. Director Priyadarshan who rarely deviates from comedy is the director of Abhimanyu. In the climax Mohanlal marries a sex worker (Geetha) which it self was revolutionary back then. However there is a still an opinion that the tragic end this movie had could have been avoided.
Devasuram (1993)
Mohanlal's role as the feudal rascal Mangalassery Neelakantan gave him stardom like any other movie back then. Directed by I V Sasi the movie was indeed one of a kind as the hero of the movie has a negative shade. Even the second part of the movie Ravanaprabhu released after more than a decade was a success. Revathi the female lead of the movie was absolutely brilliant in the role of Bhanumathi.
Manichithrathazhu (1993)
The word iconic will absolutely suit Manichithrathazhu. The story of Manichithrathazhu was first of its kind in Malayalam as the movie was a psychiatric approach to the possession rather than giving it a fantasy shade. Mohanlal's role as Sunny was hilarious and serious. Actress Shobhana's role as Ganga and Nagavallli is considered as the best in her career. The collection in terms of revenue this movie has bagged was unbelievable back then. Manichithrathazhu was so much success that there were remakes of this movie in almost all the languages in India.
Vietnam Colony (1994)
Another super hit comedy movie of Mohanlal which is considered as gold. Directed by Siddique - Lal the movie was a block buster back then. Like  a juggernaut Vietnam Colony broke all records. The main reason for the success of Vietnam Colony is the stupendous acting by some brilliant actors.
Chandralekha (1997)
Story of Appukuttan and Noor was hilarious and became the sole reason for the laughing riot in theaters. It is estimated that the overall collection of Chandralekha has crossed more than 10 crores. Considering the year it was indeed a huge amount. Priyadarshan is the director of Chandralekha. Sreenivasan played the role of Noor and Mohanlal was Appukuttan.
Aaraam Thampuran(1997)
Aaraam Thampuran without no doubt was the one which gave Mohanlal larger than life character image. His role as the under world don Jagannadhan was indeed the initial fuel for the array of mass movie that had Mohanlal as central character. Like Chandralekha Aaraam Thampuran has also crossed all the collection record and has an unusual record of being shown in a theater for an year. Shaji Kailas is the director of movie. Manju Warrier is the female lead of the movie and her role as the stubborn Unnimaya was indeed one of the best in her career.

Narasimham (2000)

Narasimham was the next level of Aaram Thampuran. The movie pushed the limit of story of a mass masala entertainer flick. Mohanlal's role as Poovalli Induchoodan even though had lots of controversial dialogues in it became a sensation back then. The movie broke all the collection record known to Kerala till then.

Udayananu Tharam (2005)

Udayananu Tharam was a sarcastic movie for the super star image that existed in Malayalam cinema. Despite of a being a super star Mohanlal became one of the lead of the movie. Knowing that there were several dialogues that mocked him. How ever the movie as a immense success. Srinivasan the king of satire was the one who wrote the script of this movie. Meena was the female lead.

Keerthi Chakra (2006)

Cliche was the only word to define all the army based movies till keerthi Chakra. At some point of time some movies gave a comical kind of shade to army personnel. However Keerthi Chakra changed everything. The movie was mammoth in terms of budget as well as star cast. Mohanlal's role as Major Mahadevan was close to a real life army officer and the acceptance it got among audience were amazing. Major Ravi is the director of Keerthi Chakra. 

Chotta Mumbai (2007)

Chotta Mumbai is the first movie of talented director Anwar Rasheed. Hilarious Chotta Mumbai was a super success because of the comedy in it. Mohanlal's role as vasco was hilarious. Late actor Kalabhavan Mani was the main antagonist of Chotta Mumbai. Bhavana is the female lead. 

Spirit (2012)

Owing to continuous flops Mohanlal's career was in bit of trouble till Spirit. Spirit directed by Ranjith was first of its kind in Malayalam cinema. The movie answered the real reasons for alcoholism and the ways to come out of it. Mohanlal played the role of Raghunandan a TV host who is an alcoholic. His performance in the movie was brilliant and was the major reason for the success of the movie. 

Drishyam (2013)

Drishyam is one of the best in terms of thriller genre in Malayalam. None thought in their wildest dreams that the movie will become such a super hit. The over all revenue of Dirshyam was close to 66 crore. Which was a record back then. Directed by jeethu Joseph the movie had a nail biting story. To Support the story and brilliant screen play the movie had brilliant actors like Mohanlal and Meena.

Pulimurugan (2016)

Pulimurugan is the biggest hit in Mohanlal's career. The movie entered 100 crore club thus becoming the first movie ever in Malayalam history. The story of tiger hunter Murugan became a sensation for all the age groups in kerala and Malayali's living abroad. There was a Telugu remake of the movie and it was a success too.

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