Failed movies in Malayalam in which Prithviraj performed brilliantly

Wednesday, 28 December,2016

Failed movies in Malayalam in which Prithviraj performed brilliantly

Prithviraj without no doubt is the future of of Mollywood, a man who has the caliber to be known as a brilliant actor as well as a super star. Till his latest horror flick Ezra he has always managed to be a part of movies which were not cliche. What earned him peoples respect is that there was a time when people were mocking and belittling Prithviraj and he turned that to respect with his hard work and talent. This kind of thing rarely happens and hats off to him for his patience and confidence. Prithiviraj career graphi is rising rapidly nowadays. He is now keen on choosing movies which is meant to earn big numbers in boxoffice. However there are movies in which he acted brilliantly but was not noticed much due to some reasons. This list has those movies which went underrated despite of the brilliant performance of Prithviraj.

Stop Violence (2002)

Shocking is the only word to define the movie. Prithviraj's role as Sathaan was shocking to many considering the style of movies existed back then. Use of violence as well as swear words were in plenty in Stop Violence. Prithviraj as the ruthless thug marked the beginning of another shade to his career. Even though the movie was a flop his acting was praised by many. A K Sajan is the director of the movie. Chandra Lakshman is the female lead.

vellithira (2003)

Director Bhadran has always given Mollywood great movies. Velithira was least expected from because the movie was no where near his league. However Prithviraj's role as a hyper young man was indeed good and is amusing to watch. Navya Nair is the female lead of Vellithira. The most astounding fact about his acting is that Vellithira was his 3rd or 4th movie.


Akale directed by Shyamaprasad is a masterpiece and is the clear portrayal of selfish nature of people. Prithviraj's role as Neil who runs away from his responsibilities is indeed one of the best in his career. Sheela and Geethu Mohandas were the female lead of the movie. Akale considering it's box office performance was so poor.

kana Kanden (2005)

Kana Kanden was the first movie ever in which Prithviraj appeared in an antagonist role. His role as a ruthless business man was brilliant considering that the movie is his first in Tamil language. Kana Kanden has Srikanth and Gopika in lead role. The movie was grand success in Kollywood and pushed open the door to Kollywood wide open for Prithviraj. However the movie did not perform that well in Kerala.

vargam (2006)

Among the police officer roles that Prithviraj has done Vargam wil always be in top 3. His role as a corrupted, uncouth rogue police officer was a clear indication of the starting point of evolution of his acting talents. M Padmakumar was the director of the movie. However the movie was damn good till the first half and then the movie took a dive to the bottom which is considered to be the reason of the failure of Vargam. Renuka Menon is the female lead of Vargam.

Thalappavu (2008)

Naxelate era was indeed cruel and ruthless. Thalappavu is a movie that cast light on the social status that existed that time. Death of Naxelate varghese was one of the controversial incident happened that time. Varghese was gunned down by a police officer and Thalappavu is a movie about story of the police officer's confessions and his memories of the past. Prithviraj played the role of Varghese and it was indeed perfect. The character constructed for the movie was safe in the hands of Prithviraj. 


Anwar is one of the most stylish movie in Prithviraj's career. Amal Neerad is the director of the movie and had Mamta as female lead. The story of the movie is about Anwar (prithviraj) who falls to the clutches of ant socials and later on tries to rectify it. Prithviraj has done a brilliant performance in the movie and is one of the best in his career. However due to the unwanted use of slow motion as well as a half baked script made the movie a dud in box office.

Veettilekkulla Vazhi (2010)

Veettilekkulla Vazhi is the Perfect title for the movie because of the story. The movie is about the story of a doctor who sets on a journey to find a boys father who is a terrorist. The movie had a beautiful plot as well as story and a message. However people has always been in reluctance with off beat movies and the reason being the cliche dragging story. Despite of  brilliant story Veettilekkulla Vazhi failed in box office and the reason being the slow paced script. prithviraj played the role of doctor in this movie.

City Of God (2011)

City of God had the potential to become a pathbreaking movie. But unfortunately what happened was the exact opposite. The movie was recognsied way after release and it was too late. Prithviraj's role as a thug was absolutely perfect. Eventhough City of God was packed with immensely talented actors Prithviraj's character was powerful and has its own space in the movie. Lijo Jose Pellissery is the director of the movie.

Masters (2012)

It is true that Masters had a good plot but hald baked script ruined the movie. Anyhow Pritviraj's role as a investigaton officer was very well done. Johny Antony is the director of the movie and story of Masters is about radom murder that has been happening around a city. Twist happens in the story when prithviraj's character finds out that the random murder without any definite intervals are inter related.

Tamaar Padaar (2014)

Tamaar Padaar was a dud in box office. However Prithviraj's role as ACP Pouran was indeed hilarous and is one of he best comedy role the actor has done so far in his career. However the script of Tamaar Padaar was not so pleasing for many thus the movie failed in boc office.

Ivide (2015)

Ivide is a malayalam -English movie directed by Shyamaprasad. Despite of the ensemble star cast Ivide didn's manage to bag attention of the people and the reason being the loose script. Anyhow Prithviraj has been praised for his perfomence and his way of handling English in the US accent was superior comparing with the other leads in the movie.

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