Evergreen on screen pairs of Malayalam movies which will always be gold

Monday, 26 December,2016

Evergreen on screen pairs of Malayalam movies which will always be gold

Indian movie industry has always thrived on Romance. 90% of the movies that are released even now has romance as their theme or part of the plot. Same is in the case of Malayalam movie industry. But it is rare that certain on-screen pairs are being casted of movies over and over. The main reason is unexplainable chemistry that works as a catalyst for the movie . Any how these pair has been casted over and over which is a clear indication about the demand of people to see them together in movies. This list here has those actors who has been on-screen pair multiple times and are considered as evergreen.

Prem Nazir - Sheela

Both of them are iconic stars who has been part of Malayalam movie industry for decades. They have been a part of 130 movies together, a Guinness world record which has never been beaten and will not be ever. This iconic pair on-screen romance was a kind of drug for the masses. At that time there were a lot of people who believed that they are married to each other. They were the glowing stars and undisputed king and queen of Malayalam movie industry back then. Movies like Kannappanunni, Kalli Chellamma, Anubhavangal Palichakal, Kavya Mela, Kutti Kuppayam, Adimakal, Rest House, Mindapennu, Kudumbam etc.

Sathyan -  Sheela

Sathyan is indeed one of the most valued actors even after decades past his demise. His association with actress Sheela has always given gold. Even though mostly both has been a part of tragedy movies. The chemistry between the couple has worked out so well that there whenever these actors came together in screen magic happened. Among those movies vazhve Mayam and Chemmeen were the most famous one. Chemmeen was the most famous in which Sathyan acted as Palani and Sheela actress as Karuthamma. There were other movies of these actors which are considered as gems. They are, koottukar, Adimakal, kadathukaran, Aayisha, Bheekara Nimishangal, Kadalpalam, Othenante makan, Bhagya Jathakom, kari Nizhal etc.

Prem Nazir - Jayabharathi

Prem Nazir's association with Sheela was indeed iconic and will always be in people's heart forever. However Since prem Nazir's career is so vast and he has been a part of 725 movies. He has been paired with lots of actresses. After Sheela the most renowned one was with Jayabharathi. The most movies of this duo are, Prasnam Gurutharam, Ariyapedatha Rahasyam, kaanatha Visheshangal, Pancha Thanthram, Sujatha etc.

Madhu - Srividya

Srividya was considered as the epitome of beauty back then. Both of them were casted as pairs for more than 60 movies. Apart from movies they were thick friends and both of them has told numerous occasions about the warm friendship they share between each other. Some of the movies that Madhu and Srividya acted as a pair were, Muthuchippikal, Oru Yugasandhya, Samasya, Thaaravu, Alakadalinakkare, Njan Ekananu, Aarambham, pinnilavu etc.

Jayan - Seema

Lots of rumors were circulating around these two as the movies because themovie that they have been a part of had a magical chemistry which made these couple look like they are in real life. Actress herself has revealed in many interviews that Jayan and she were friends and the most comfortable actor she has shares screen space with is Jayan due to an unknown reason. The tragic death of jayan was a blow to Malayalam industry and the magic of these pair ended in a abrupt and tragic way. These are the movies they these couple has share screen space with, Moorkan, karimpana, Chaakara, Angaadi, Theenalangal, Meen etc.

Menaka - Shankar

Both Menaka and shankar was one of the sweetest pair in Malayalam movie industry. There were plenty of rumors regarding these couples when they acted together. However it all ended when Menaka had a love marriage with movie producer Suresh Kumar. The most famous movies of Menaka - Shankar duo includes, Parayanum Vayya Parayathirikkanum Vayya,Nale Njangalude Vivaham, prem Nazirine Kanmanilla, Amme Bhagavathi, Oru Thettinte Kadha, Engane Nee Marakkum, poochakkoru Mookkuthi, Odaruthammava Aalariyam, Ente Mohangal Poovaninju etc.

Mohanlal - Shobhana

Sree Ragamo Thedunnu Neeyen, How can any one forget this heavenly song. The song is remembered not only for its tune but also for the love scenes between Shobhana and Mohanlal. When both of them were on screen there was a magic and made people like them more and more. Most famous movies of this duo are, Rangam, pavithram, Ulladakam, T.P Balagopalan M A, Padayani, Kunjattakilikal, Maya Mayooram, Thenmavin Kombath, Pakshe, vellanakalude Naadu etc. 

Mammootty - Suhasini

When these duo are on screen as a couple it was indeed sure that the love part in the movie will be matured and will be realistic. Even though both of them has only paired yup for 8 movies all those are evergreen and will be always inside the heart of each and every Keralites. The movies are Pranamam, Adaminte Vaariyellu, Ente Upasana, katha Ithuvare, Aksharangal, Aarorumariyathe, manivathoorile Aayiram Shivarathrikal, koodevide and Rakkuyilin Ragasadassil.

Mohanlal - Revathi

Both of them are immensely talented as actors they are the king and queen of make belief art. Movies like Kilukkam, Devasuram, Maya Mayooram etc. is an ample example for their skills.

Jayaram - Urvashi

Comedy has always been the forte of these two actors. Whenever they united for a movie the end result was a laugh riot in theaters. Both of them are bestowed with talents which they have been using it in the correct way. Movies like, koodikazhcha, Chakkikotha Chankaran, Marupuram, Vakkeel Vasudev, Chanchattam, Kadinjool Kalyanam, Madhu Chandra lekha, Mukha Chithram atc are ample example for their magical presence.

Kunchacko Boban - Shalini

Aniyathipraavu was released in the 90's and the movie took by storm. People were crazy about the movies as well the screen pair. Kunchacko Boban as well as Shalini became their favorite pair. After the movie Niram everyone wished and was praying that these two should get married to each other . These are the movies that both of them have been a part of. Nakshathratharattu, Prem Poojari etc.

Dileep - Kavya Madhavan

Dileep and Kavya is indeed the most controversial pair in Malayalam movie history. Lots of drama has occurred in both of their life and now that they got married the fans of these people are on opposite sides. Majority criticizing the couple for their decision and others supporting them. Mizhi Randilum, Thilakkam, Meesa Madhavan, Sadananthante Samayam, Valayar Paramasivam, Pinneyum, Lion, Dhosth etc are some of the movies that these two has been a part of.

Nivin Pauly - Nazriya

Neram, Om Shanthi Oshaana were the movies that both of them has paired up. Even though comparing these pair with others in this list, they are outnumbered by all of them in terms of number of movies. It is indeed an undeniable fact that these duo had a magic to make people fall for their movie.

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