Directors who got a dream start because of Mammootty

Tuesday, 3 January,2017

Directors who got a dream start because of Mammootty

Mammootty even though has been blamed repeatedly for his choices nowadays. But it has to be appreciated that he is the only super star who has always been confident enough to give chance to young directors repeatedly. During the 35 years of Mammotty's glorious career. He has given life to lots of directors who turned out to be gem. However this helping mentality of Mammootty has affected him adversely too. There are lot of movies which are considered as worst in his career which are directed by rookies. Many directors has said that eventhough Mammootty has a khaki image outside he is man with heart and always says that those people people who approach him for a movie has life full of dream in their mind and he doesn't wish to shatter it with his no.

This list here has those people who was given a big start by Mammootty.


Lohithadas is considered as the king of drama in Malayalam movie industry. His brilliant and touching stories will always been evergreen as long there are people who love movies. His first movie as a writer, Thaniyavarthanam was released in 1987. In which Mammootty did the role of a victim of a supersticious society. The movie was heart breaking and has made millions cry with Mammootty's brilliant acting amd the well written story. Lohithadas's first directorial venture also had Mammotty in lead role. Titled as Bhoothakannadi the movie also was a powerful drama that has made millions weep. Even though Lohithadas has written stories for a ton of Mammootty movies. Only two movies were directed by Lohithadas which had Mammootty in lead role. One being Bhoothakannadi and another one is Arayannangalude Veedu.

Lal Jose

Lal jose began his movie career as an assistant director to Kamal. After a decade of working as an assistant as well as associate director of Kamal got a dream break through the comedy drama Oru Maravathoor Kanavu. The movie became a huge success and thus Lal Jose became one of the most prominent director back then. After 3 years he teamed up with Mammootty again for the movie Pattalam. Lal Jose by then was a super hit director when he united with Mammootty after 3 years. His movies like Meesa Madhavan and Chandranudhikunna Dikkil has earned him a good reputation. However unfortunately his second association with Mammootty was not fruitful the movie became an average grosser. After pattalam both of them took a huge break and reunited in 2009 for a short film titled at Puramkazhchakal which was included as one of the segment in the anthology movie Kerala Cafe. The short film turned out to be brilliant earning praise from public a lot. Laat movie  which both of them became a part of was Immanuel released in 2012.

Anwar Rasheed

Anwar Rasheed the brilliant director got a big launch through the movie Rajamanikyam. The Trivandrum slang used in the movie became a sensation. Rajamanikyam is also considered as one of the most successful movie in Mammootty's career. With the movie Rajamanikyam, Anwar Rasheed became one of the most in demand director that time. After 3 years he joined with Mammootty again for the movie Annan Thambi which was also a huge success. After Annan Thambi Anwar Rasheed was stamped on the forhead a commercial movie director. Everything changed when he shocked and flabbergasted people with the short film Bridge. After Bridge Anwar Rasheed became selective and he also became producer of couple of sensational movies.

Aashiq Abu

Eventhough Aashiq Abu's first movie Daddy Cool which had Mammootty in lead role was an average one in terms of collection. The movie featured Mammootty in a different way which his fans has never seen. The popularityDaddy Cool got was immanse thus it worked positively for Aashiq Abu. His next movie with Mammootty was Gangster which was a failure in box office. However Daddy cool was the one which gave Aashiq Abu the needed attention as well as a good launch. Which made him pursue his dream.


Blessy's movie career began as an assistant director to geniuses like Padmarajan and Lohithadas. His first movie as an independent director was Kaazhcha which told the story of a boy who got displaced from his home. He meets a man who becomes a messiah for this boy. Kaazhcha is about the bond between this man, his family and the boy. The movie was a grand success and was appreciated a lot by critics. However Kazhcha was the last movie that Blessy and Mammootty associated.

Amal Neerad

Amal Neerad was a well known cinematographer not just in Mollywood but also in Bollywood. Movie like Shiva, Darna Zaroori Hai etc were his renowned works. His first movie as a director was Big B which had Mammootty in lead role. Even though the movie was not a commercial success. years later it became cult movie and it is a fact that Big B is one of the most stylish movies of Mammootty.


Vysakh is now the first director of Mollywood who has directed a movie which has a gross collection of more than 150 crore. His movie career began as a assistant director of Johny Antony. Vysakh became an independent director through the movie pokkiri Raja which had Mammootty and Prithviraj in lead role. The movie was a mass commercial entertainer and it served its purpose very well. He lately has announced the second part of Pokkiri Raja and it is said to be one of the costliest movies Mollywood has ever produced.

Martin Prakkat

Martin Prakat was a renowned fashion photographer before his first movie Best Actor. The movie told the struggle of a middle aged aspiring actor. Best Actor was a success and with that success Martin was able to pursue his long cherished dream to make good movies. Martin has also directed super hit movies for Mammootty's son Dulquer.

Nithin Renji Panicker

kasaba without no doubt is the most controversial movies in recent times in Malayalam. The movie has been blamed a lot for its male chauvinistic dialogues. However the negative publicity has worked out well for the movie. The director as well as the movie became well noticed and people started rushing in for the movie. He at present is busy with the script of second part of cult movie Lelam.

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