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Rebellious Flower is a 2016 Hindi film directed by Krishan Hooda. The directorial debut written and produced by Jagdish Bharti is based on initial years of Rajneesh Osho.The film won Special Mention Jury Award at 12th Salento International Film Festival, Italy.This is first biopic on early life of Osho Rajneesh and its supported by Osho Foundation.

Every river reaches to ocean in its natural journey…but it is very rare when a human among us reaches to his ‘full flowering’…. This is an enlightening saga of such a rare being, lovingly called ‘Raja’ by his nani (maternal grandmother). Raja had promised to his nani that whenever he attained the ‘true answer’ to all his unending questions, he would first come to her and share the purest ‘oceanic-experience’ of the other shore.

At the prime of his youth at twenty one, when Raja finally arrives home to share all the pearls of ocean with his dearest nani, the simple earthly lady is flooded with multifold of emotions hidden in the deepest core of her heart and is swallowed by the whirlpool of memories…of many innocent questions from Raja which have given her the purest taste of wisdom and awakening.

As we will travel through her memories like a river rushing towards the ocean…we will encounter a ‘rebel’ hidden within all of us which is longing to unfold as a ‘Rebellious Flower’…It is an enlightening and a rebellious film to be seen which should and will erase all our past…

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  • (3/5)

    If entertainment is not all that you seek from cinema, watch “Rebellious Flower”.

  • (3/5)

    What could have become an uninteresting subject for many, has been sensitively handled and made into a watchable interesting film, true to its genre.

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