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3.67/ 5 - based on 3 reviews

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Genre : Drama

The film follows three comic-dramatic stories set in Mumbai. The first is about a diligent office worker who wins the office 'Fun Committee Award', which entitles him to a whole day full of fun. He is most reluctant to leave the safety of his cubicle but he has to. Prescribed fun modules have to be completed and non-compliance is not an option.

The second story begins with a domineering head-of-the-family, Anil, who is on life support. Seeking some relief, his family decides to buy a TV, which Anil had banned. Now every night the family plugs into a popular soap whose hero, Purshottam, is a man ideal in every way and they are smitten. Then suddenly, comes the news that Anil is better and may be home soon. Will they have to let Purshottam go? The third one centers on Aarti whose repetitive existence is slowly making her more and more mechanical and numb. Deep inside ferments a disconnect and unease that she is unable to articulate to anyone. Then one day there arrives a most intimate letter and everything changes...

Island City Critic Reviews

  • (3.5/5)

    Poignant and melancholic, Ruchika helps you in finding your voice amidst the chaos of the city. Her vision mirrors the gamut of emotions every Mumbaikar feels at some point in his/her life. It addresses the brooding sadness that lurks in the deepest

  • (4/5)

    Island City is aided by a whip-smart screenplay (written by Oberoi herself), a talented director of photography (Sylvester Fonseca, who gives each segment a distinct colour palette and texture) and a perfectly clued-in editor (Hemanti Sarkar) aware o

  • (3.5/5)

    Every section has a shocking end and that’s cherry on the cake. Oberoi has woven the story in an intriguing manner where you laugh over the absurdities, but also sympathize with the actors. A lonely urban life is the recurring theme, but Island

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ISLAND CITY 2016 Trailer Vinay Pathak Amruta Subhash

ISLAND CITY 2016 Trailer Vinay Pathak Amruta Subhash

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