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‘Aligarh’ is based on the real life incident of a gay professor who was terminated from his job because of his sexuality.

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  • (4.5/5)

    The whole story revolves around this character JD. But he’s not into drinking at all.” (Anuj laughs and explains that JD has nothing to do with liquor brand Jack Daniels)… (continues).. “He’s a very nice person, who will not read in between

  • (4/5)

    The eyes of others our prisons; their thoughts our cages", this remarkable quote by Virginia Woolf pretty much sums up the film. Aligarh stays with you much after you see it, especially for Bajpayee and his nuanced portrayal of a man brutally put to

  • (3.5/5)

    But the film itself is bigger than these things. Like in his ‘Shahid’, Hansal Mehta and scriptwriter Apurva Asrani have come up with a lead character and a film which shines with authenticity and emotional heft, which leaves you thinking, and whi

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Aligarh Official Trailer Manoj Bajpai Rajkummar Rao

Aligarh Official Trailer Manoj Bajpai Rajkummar Rao
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