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Vijay Babu is one of the most prominent actors now in Malayalam Cinema. He has a handful of hit films now and has been a successful actor and a producer for a long time. He was a renowned media person he has been on the top of Asianet middle east, Asianet Suvarna and was the vice president of Surya TV. And when he felt that there was nothing more he could do in this field and movies became a craze for him he shifted his career to movie . He says that he used to purchase movie for Surya TV and that made him familiar among film persons.

His first on screen appearance was made possible by V.K Prakash in Three Kings. After that he acted in lots of movies which had meaty roles for him. In short he showed justice to what ever role that he got. He produced 3 movies, Philips and Monkey Pen, Peruchazhi and Aadu oru bheekara jeeviyanu.

Famous movie of him are, No. 66 Madhura Bus, Three Kings, Ayalum Njanum Thammil, Honey Bee, Philips and Monkey Pen, Escape From Uganda, Mr. Fraud, Peruchazhi, Aadu Oru Bheekara jeeviyanu, Mr. Fraud, Bicycle Thieves

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