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A million girls her age would jump at the opportunity to act in a Bollywood film but … not TULNA.

Though she belongs to a family rooted in filmmaking, her father, Rajesh V. Bhutaliya being a Director, acting/modelling never crossed Tulna’s mind. Never.

Tulna was happy with her simple, care-free life, a small, close-knit group of friends sharing coffee and generally having good, clean fun! This was about to change.

So how did she get drawn into a profession that she had never dreamed of?

“I guess it was destiny”, says Tulna in a matter-of-fact way. “Dad had embarked upon this film. Somehow, things were not going as planned. A couple of heroines had dropped out. That’s when dad asked me to do the role. I brushed it off as a prank only to realise that he was serious. How could I, someone who did not know the ABC of acting, someone who had never faced a camera except for selfies, play heroine in a film? It took a lot of persuasion on dad’s part before I relented and agreed to step into the arena, sure that dad would realise he had made a mistake and throw me out. He didn’t. On the contrary, he was more than pleased with my debut performance- not because I was his daughter but because he had found his ‘heroine’ in me. Well, that’s what he told me. It was only after I was shown some of the footage that I relaxed. It gave me confidence that I could do it. And I did.”

Shooting in Mussoorie was fun, says Tulna. An enjoyable experience despite the unrelenting cold and late night shoots.

In Fredrick the movie, Tulna plays Amrita, the wife of IB Agent Vikram (Avinsh Dhyani). Although not an IB agent herself, Amrita has in-depth knowledge about IB and hence joins Vikram in his quest to find his sister Shikha who has gone missing.

Following a lead, they begin by arriving in Mussoorie posing as tourists.

There are twists and turns in the story. There’s suspense, romance and drama. For a first time actor who has had no formal training in acting, Tulna has done well for herself and comes out natural.

Asked if she intends to pursue a career as an actor, Tulna, in her casual, easy-going style says “I can’t say. May be yes, may be no. Right now with Fredrick done, I just wanna get back to being Tulna, the girl-next-door sitting and sipping coffee somewhere with my friends. This, I am quite clear, will never change with success.

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