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For me it will be an unforgetable journey of a lifetime, working with extremely talented artists and technicians. Monjoy Sir was worth having the best fruit cake and cherry on the top, were the gorgeous and sensuous locations of heaven called Kashmir. I love my part in the Film with my co- artist Sareh Far. my character is suave, rich and a little egoistic. Kashmir’s climate was extremely cold to bear but the warmth and love of the entire team made the experience cozy, comfortable and homelike.

The music of the film is melodious, soulful and sweetly romantic that is truly a treat for senses.
The story and screenplay is definitely going to strike the right cord with the wide range of audience. Experiencing Monjoy’s honest and skilful direction paired with D.O.P Anil’s crisp and beautiful photography mixed with film story’s entertaining, meaningful and light-hearted take on love, marriage and relationships, has been a unique cinematic ride for me.

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